Eric Zayne, is a remarkable artist and to try to write in words about how great he is and why you should check him out is a very difficult task. So I’ll try my best Eric was born in the Congo South Africa and lived there until he was 12, this moment is how The Eric Zayne story starts. Loving his homeland and living his “Mogli Life” Eric had to leave for safety as years of turmoil were about to boil over. Eric left his home due to the conflict and turmoil in Congo as a civil war was on the verge of breaking out, Eric’s father gave the last seat to Eric as Eric’s brothers were in the back making Molotov Cocktails for their escape. Eric never had any aspirations growing up to be a musician and being separated from his mother and father was difficult, Eric describes his start and love from music as a bridge that would spiritually connect his mother and father to him and his family as he didnt know if they were even alive. His father, a music lover, would always push Eric and his siblings to get into music because he couldn’t as he fell in love with Eric’s mother and “They are both full time jobs”. So Eric grabbed on to music cause it was the only way to feel his parents. In the ten years of separation between Eric and his family, Eric began hearing music in everything he did and describes this as a little radio faint in the background.

There are a lot of refugee kids like me, and I love my childhood as it has given me this gift of music I would not give up for anything.

Eric Zayne’s music is larger than life and he uses so much of the musical canvas to paint his musical masterpieces. His music is so full and different but so beautiful and familiar, if you still your heart you can truly hear something new every single time you listen to the song. I asked Eric if he can take me through his writing process, and I received the most unique answer I’ve ever had.

Eric: “I don’t write music, I’ve never written anything. I just copy what I hear. I swear to god I was trying to go to sleep the other night and I am thinking that there is a radio on somewhere but it’s just me”

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