Michael Nelson known on stage as Banners is an English Indie Rock artist that hails from Liverpool. This artist will always be my north star when it comes to my family, I will always hold on deeply to his song “Someone to you” as long as I live. I hold my inner family so close to my heart and try my best to be the greatest dad on earth and every weekend we are all together we go out from early morning to late night. All dads know the feeling of driving on the dark highway seeing nothing but headlights passing all over and the sound of the radio in the background. In my eyes and head this moment, the moment in time when your children and spouse are asleep and you’re responsible for bringing them home. That moment in my life is heaven and more times than not “Someone To You” is the anthem going home, and the song I hear in my heaven. I have interviewed many people in my career, so many that now I can call it a career. Banners is amazing and I loved every second of our time together below is a little bit of our conversation.

NC: How has your quarantine been?

Banners: It was all quite productive at first, because I can write with all my friends throughout the world via Zoom but I ended up catching the Virus however I am young, healthy, and Vibrant. Suddenly you feel so vulnerable and on your own and from a mental health perspective you feel so alone.

NC: How was your fever?

Banners: With me I was fine, then I was just so tired and your brain feels so foggy. I just wasn’t feeling like me, I couldn’t think the way I normally do. I remember driving my van for

the first time and I was at a stop light and for a split second I couldn’t remember what to do. Even to this day I don’t think I am completely healed, I still have this fog over my brain.

NC: What does your music mean to you?

Banners: To be honest when I was first writing “Someone to you” I was talking to my producer and we were discussing the music that mattered to us and why it mattered. The real drive behind my songs and that song in particular was to try to provide other people with those experiences that bands have done for me when I was a kid and still do now. A lot of songwriters write a song for themselves and say if other people like it, but I want to write songs for people and I want to be the soundtrack of moments in people’s lives. I just want to create for other people, and that’s what really makes it all worth wild.

NC: How did your musical journey start? Who bit you to make you love music?

Banners: When I was six I was in a nativity play in school, and for some reason there was a singing OX in the play. We all tried out for it and I happened to have a great six year old voice, after the play Mrs Kale my teacher suggested I try out for the choir at a cathedral I did and I got in. Five days a week, all day Saturday and Sunday I dedicated myself to music and from that moment on I loved music. My father was also a record producer, I loved the smell and being around bands. I just wanted to be around this, I didn’t even need to be in a band.

The song “Someone to you” is blowing up at the moment and has become exactly what his dreams for his music were at the beginning of his journey. The app Tiktok is doing this for everyone, capturing every user’s moments combined with music and sharing those moments with the world. Tiktok has made this easy for everyone no matter the age and if you go on to Tiktok and search “Someone to you” you can see for yourself the moments Banners have helped capture in this time. With over 400 MILLION STREAMS Banners is one of the most successful acts on earth and we at No Cover encourage you to search out Banners and see if they can make a moment for you in your life.