Landon Jacobs, Jason Suwito, and Hayden Coplen make up the dynamic trio known as Sir Sly. Sir Sly came on to the scene in 2012 as an American Indie Rock trio based out of Orange County California and have made hit after hit since their debut (Some hits you might know “Gold”, “You Haunt me” and “Run”) I had the opportunity to be able to talk with the group about their new single “Material Boy”, another banger. When I first saw the name “Material Boy” I thought that the song was gonna be a play on Madonna’s “Material Girl” but I was so wrong. One lyric in this song is “I opened up my heart and found a spiritual void” a lyric that cut me, as my whole childhood was wrapped up in religion and spirituality. As most of us do while we are headed down the road of life I lost my way, I started filling the void with possessions, and cared more about my material life than my spiritual life. To hear another human express the same fear, and regrets soothed my soul.

Landon Jacobs recalls, “I lost my faith when I was 22, I thought that was the end of my spiritual journey. I now am more comfortable with not knowing what is out there, I also have found comfort in not knowing if there is god and have come to the conclusion that its ok to search beyond your childhood.” There is so much comfort for me hearing him say this almost as if God is inviting me back.

In a world where you get canceled for any opinion I find so much bravery in putting this song out. Hayden adds “After writing and recording a full album, you become hyper-focused on which three-minute section to showcase. Occasionally though, you get lucky and land on a tidy song that still feels representative of your whole self. To me, that’s “Material Boy”. It’s natural and simple, nearly copied and pasted from Landon’s journal without judgment or second-guesses. If I only had one chance to tell someone about our band, I’d give them this song.”

You can now stream “Material Boy” anywhere you consume your music. No Cover highly recommends you going out and seeking these guys out, as they are true artists and are great at whatever they do. Also check out their cover of one of my favorite songs ever made by RadioHead “Karma Police” also available anywhere you stream music. When asked why that cover? Landon Jacobs says Radiohead is my favorite band, Karma Police is my favorite song off of my favorite album.Sir Sly is a breath of fresh air with great melodies and catchy choruses that also drive’s you down the road to reflection and makes you take a look inward.