Being at the #2 spot on the UK charts, behind Biffy Clyro, Henry Camamile explains, is an exhilarating feeling, especially with their new album “Open Your Head.” It’ll be sure to keep listeners hooked until the very last track.

Coming from a small village in a rural area, 2 hours north of London, for them the excitement has seemingly always been an engrained, inevitable circumstance.

NC: How surreal was it to come from a small town and then go on to play shows in bigger cities? What was that experience like?

Camamile: For us it didn’t really come too early, we kinda grew up with it and fell in love with the idea of touring and seeing different places. There’s almost a romance to it, it being real and not feeling like you’re living a normal life. It’s more of a simulation and going to America for the first time, it felt like stepping into a movie, it’s a real privilege.

Having a phenomenal year, last year and then coming into 2020 we can imagine the heartbreak of hitting such milestones surrounding the band’s success. Camamile shares how their optimism is what’s keeping the momentum alive until they can safely tour and get back to the world of playing live music again.

“We have been basically touring for 3 years up until all that, it had become our lives to just tour and be more of a live band and being in a unique place every week. It’s how we do our business and we even put out an EP earlier this year as well as selling and getting prepared for our biggest shows. It then just got cut off and now we’re wondering, when will this happen again? We’ve stayed pretty optimistic about it, knowing things will eventually begin to pick up.”

Taking us through the album, Camamile describes it as something more personal to him. Sharing with us how living with post-concussion syndrome due to a head injury at work has aided his his view of the world and his song writing. The song “You Over Anyone” stems from coming into awareness about how life had been going and said to be like a kind of “fake love song” about how he had been treating himself and his health, quite personal in that respect. With experience, writing songs has given him the ability to grow as a human, mentally and physically, even spiritually.

Working on this project has given them a sense of hope for the year and gives them a leg up on creating ways to continue playing live, seemingly, with the use of social media. For them, putting out new music has given them something to work towards while the world heals and with this hold on traveling, it has not deterred their purpose of making music.