Super excited to have spent some time with Jared Gomes of HED PE and chat about the new album “Class Of 2020.” Like most musicians the circumstances, due to COVID-19, there have been challenges and adjustments to their new, hopefully temporary way of living.

Jared tells us that if the virus hadn’t have hit, the record would not be coming out. Speaking on his experiences, he would have been on the road grinding out dollars, keeping business going on the road. It sorta “worked out” because the tour just got imploded. It was the first time ever a tour got cancelled like that, he says. So like many others, he took that time to create the album from home. This really gave the band a lot of time to explore the music we had and take a look at some new stuff and I’m totally stoked this is coming together. When I got home from finding out the tour wasn’t gonna happen I got so worried, usually when I am not sure where my next dollar is coming from I physically can’t create cause I am so worried. So when I did get home this time I was up stairs in my studio every single day, going through all the songs I canned or slept on to try and put a record together. Also there are certain tracks on the album that have been fueled by our current world. Some songs are just songs Ive been working on for like 18 months so its a little bit of everything.

As far as quarantine, it almost seems like a bittersweet situation to not be touring, but to spend that time with your family while pumping out an album has been an upside to being home. “I love being home with my wife and son, that’s been amazing, as well as working on skate ramps with my son and the album at home has been great too. Although, this business of not knowing when we’re gonna play live shows and tour again is unsettling. This is what keeps me up at night, the fear of not being able to provide for my family and the fear of not being able to pay these bills.

NC: What made you decide on “Death Awaits” for the new single?

Jared: That was the label’s decision and was a little worried about putting anything out at this time and actually First Blood was the first single and Death Awaits, second.

Death Awaits, for me is about mortality and realizing we are not going to be here forever. Sadhguru on YouTube explains how if people contemplate their deaths more often it would be a better world, realizing that we are not here perpetually. So we had better make the best of it. Too many people are waiting for the afterlife and creating a hell hole out of the planet because they’re waiting for Armageddon, thinking they’re going to heaven. That to me is what Death Awaits is about, essentially, you won’t be here forever, so go for it and go for it now.