I have lived in Ventura County all my life besides my military service, and I have never seen a man captivate this town like SuperDuperKyle. SuperDuperKyle is a genius and he rides hard for our town, the first guy to give us a concert post Covid. He was the first cat lending his hand after our fires in 2016, the first guy who lent his hand in the mudslides, and when he got his first radio heavy single he flew across the United States to do a local event called Surf Rodeo. I have interviewed and met many amazing people along my musical journey but no one gets me hyped like Kyle. There is something that is missing in the arts today and I can’t put my finger on specifically what it is that he possesses that makes me root for him so deep. Maybe it’s because he’s the only one I’ve met that loves our town as much as me, or maybe it’s the fact he has never written a shitty song. Whatever it is I want the world to see it. I was so nervous preparing to interview this guy, a 38 year old male who has interviewed everyone in the game for the most part was so nervous. I enjoyed our time but I left so much more on the table and hope to have a little more time with him in the future. Actually if I had one wish, that is what I’d wish for (one hour with this guy).

NC: I want to start this interview by saying you’re the fricken man. I mean what you have done for this community and what you mean to this community (Ventura County) is ridiculous. You never cease to amaze us. You stood side by side with us in the recent protests, the first concert post Covid 19 was you, when the fires came over us in 2016 you were here for us, and when you first hit radio success you flew back from NYC to do Surf Rodeo. So my first question is why? Not that you need a reason, but what was embedded in you that makes you love this community so much?

Kyle: You know what man, the reason I show so much love to Ventura and involve it in everything I do creatively. It’s the place where I found myself, prior to moving to Ventura and joining that community I didn’t have IT (my super powers)and after I moved there I changed and I found me. Me helped change my life and my family’s life for the better and it’s taken me to places I’ve only dreamed about. I give all the credit to Ventura. The Carefree spirit that I am known for and the reason people all over the world love me is because Ventura made me that way.

NC: Tell me about your new album “See you when am famous”

Kyle: Its like a journey of my life.

NC: Did you go through a breakup?

Kyle: I did

NC: You guys were together for like ten years man, how was that?

Kyle: When I moved to LA to pursue my dreams, it cost me every relationship I had. It cost me relationships with friends, family, and my girlfriend. That’s the story a little, you have a kid who dreams to be famous. Then he gets the money now and then he gets the girls, and now he feels his life is so successful and it’s Yes! (Names of Tracks) he loses these relationships and let go of people and things in order to gain these things he thinks he wants and realizes all he ever wanted is to truly stay the same person.

NC: How has the neglection of people in your life affected you?

Kyle: It’s like a wound that just hasn’t healed, even today as an adult I am sad that my relationships with my childhood friends didn’t pan out the way I wanted it to be. I think it affected me deeper than I noticed because I found it more and more difficult to be happy with success because I didn’t accomplish it with the people I started with.

NC: Does that feel like a fail?

Kyle: It totally did. Yeah, you did it but you didn’t do all of it. When making this album that’s something I wanted to address and dig and find and fix. I need to reconcile this, not only with my people but with myself. A lot of this “See You When Am Famous” album is reconciling with my past and reconciling with those relationships I let go of and talking to that 17 year old version of me who put that as his senior quote. I had to apologize for certain things and I had to explain certain things and really finish the conversation with him and the 17 year old version of me wanted life to go a specific way and knowing that’s not how it panned out it was hard feeling like that kid. I had to go talk to that kid to learn what I missed about him and reconcile with him. The theme of this album was acceptance.

Kyle is such an amazing talent and no matter what genre you like your music he is worth a shot. I highly suggest you take the time to stream this album however you get your music and enjoy. Kyle is one of the greatest artists of our time and I am proud to say he started in my hometown. Kyle, you’re loved beyond words. Good luck




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