Peter Bibby is an amazing musical talent, hailing from the land down under Australia he is preparing to take over the world.

One Friday afternoon Peter’s boss came over to him and asked him what he was doing that night. Peter said he’s gonna go busking to try and make a couple of bucks, and his boss sorta chuckled at the thought. Peter with his heart full of passion told him if he can make $60 tonight he will quit his job, his boss said “I’ll see you Monday Peter” the rest is history. That night Peter took home $300 dollars cash and never returned to his job. When you’re young and have no fear you can do amazing things. Peter for the next couple of years just did music, he paid for his lifestyle by doing what he loves.

Peter Bibby recently released his new Single “Whyalla” (out now wherever music is streamed) and it is a banger. This song is a mixture of classic rock and modern alternative music, if Black Sabbath and Grouplove had a child you would expect that child to come up with the musical riffs and vocals this song has. The chorus is very soft and the rest is very heavy, this song is truly beautiful and it really sets the tone for the rest of the album. When asking Bibby “How was the writing process for this song” he replied “ This song was very easy for me, it just flowed out. I guess they say that the good songs don’t take that long”. That’s the truth as he has picked a great appetizer to drop prior to the main course of the album. When asking Peter Bibby what was the hardest thing about this album he said, “ I nearly lost my eye on the first night of recording and we have the whole thing recorded. I promise you this isn’t at all staged and very authentic. So not only will get an amazing album but you will also see some footage of me almost dying. So there’s that.

It’s amazing working for No Cover Magazine as everyday is a whole new adventure and it’s a part of my childhood I still hang on to, the part of my childhood where I wanted to search for music out in the world cause I believed there had to be better music out there. Peter Bibby is that music I was looking for as a childhood, I truly believe Peter is the next big star. His creativity and approach to his art is different than most, he has an amazing view on his art and we want to encourage those who are searching for great art to go check out Peter Bibby anywhere music is streamed.