Bradley Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans are a British Pop band formed in 2012 known by millions as The Vamps. After meeting through multiple social media platforms the guys created a Youtube Channel and began uploading covers of songs to the platform by September they were off and running smashing hearts with their cover of One Directions “Live while we’re young” . The Vamps are now considered one of the best young bands coming out of the UK, with catchy songs, good looks, and passion to be great. The Vamps are ready to climb the charts to number one with their new single “Married in Vegas” out now wherever you stream your music.

Earlier last month I had the opportunity to sit down with all four guys and really get a feel for who they are, and I have to say that I am impressed. I was very nervous to interview them and that is very unlike me, I have nerves of steel but for some reason maybe it being my first zoom interview I had a handful of nerves. The first one to come in the room was Bradley Simpson, he was drinking a gigantic bottle of water and he calmed me down as I knew we were gonna have a great time from that point forward.

NC: So tell me a little bit about your new single “Married in Vegas” , what were the thoughts behind this song?

James: It’s a funny story, this whole album was gonna sound slightly different from what we have now, we started making this album late last year and early this year. Once the shutdown occurred we stopped with the album and eventually came back to it. When we came back to it we started on our new single “Married in Vegas” and we wrote that via Zoom.

Bradley: It was a decision, we had to ask ourselves how do we want to step back into the world. It has been two years since our last album and it’s scary. I’ve changed, the guys have changed, and thinking if our fan base has changed was something we asked. We have a very positive album and it was very important to make this statement to let people know we’re back. The song “Married in Vegas” it is a love story and throws caution to the wind a bit especially times where we have had our liberties stripped away from us from having to stay inside. We believe music is what is gonna unite us after this is all over.

NC: Its a true fuck it moment

Band: lol

Bradley: No matter what your gonna learn and live so whatever

We all know this story, loving someone so much you’re willing to throw caution to the wind in hopes of writing a story book ending all in the name of love. This song “Married in Vegas” is destined to become the anthem of bad decisions and youth. While indulging in your deepest wants and hopes this song is a great single for the band, it’s catchy and relatable. This band isn’t a boy band, this is a rock band with good looking men in it. The talent and love for music is what makes this band so special and No Cover supports and recognizes the amazing talent these young men have. Please go check out the first single “Married in Vegas” wherever you consume your music, also keep an eye out for the New Album and put your pre-order in for Cherry Blossom.