I love No Cover, it truly has given me so much in life. One of the best things it has given me is the opportunity to speak with people I truly admire and the opportunity to ask them the many questions I’ve had over the years of admiring them from a distance. I had the pleasure to sit down with Mike Waters (Manson,Ned) formerly of the Bubba the Love Sponge Show and current star of Cluster F Show on Twitch. Mike Waters is one of the worlds greatest treasures and to be honest one of the people who has inspired me to be a comedian. His comedy is a mixture of cynicism and realness that makes you feel inclusive and it’s empowering. I am truly blessed and I hold this as one of my favorite moments in my life. This man is amazing and so talented, if you are a fan of talk radio or a fan of comedy this is the man for you. Check out Mike’s Twitch channel (Cluster F Show) I hope he makes the impact for you as he has for me cause I wouldn’t be doing what I do on radio or this magazine if it weren’t for him. Below is a little bit of our conversation.

NC: Mike I am so grateful for this, I’ve been such a huge fan since the Sirius XM days

Mike: Those were the days man, I mean it was the greatest radio show that was ever made.

NC: Dude, I tell that to everyone and anyone that would listen to me. I am a talk radio guy, I’ve been in talk radio, I’ve studied radio, and listened since I was 10 with shitty Mark and Brian.

Mike: Yeah I mean especially when you put us on the uncensored Sirius XM format, I mean we were designed and made for that platform.

NC: What happened man? You guys were on the verge of becoming a household name, if you guys weren’t already. You guys were selling out arenas at the tone of 5k a venue, some musicians can’t even do that. It was international too with Canada and stateside with Arizona, Vegas, Atlantic City, and Washington. You guys were killing it, at what point do you think there was a disconnect in the organization?

Mike: I mean it wasn’t just one thing, it was finding ourselves in constant self destructive behavior that led to our exile. I mean the Sirius XM thing was the opportunity of a lifetime and we took it and we crushed it. When it was time to renew the contract for Sirius XM they offered us pennies compared to the contract we just came off of and we killed it on that contract. So we left for terrestrial radio and we were doing great number one in the ratings, then the Hogan sex tape came out and we got fired from that station and went to another radio station. Once we started on the new station we started killing it there and eventually we got caught up in ratings tampering, and once you get sued by the ratings company you’re done. No one wants to hire you after that, you’re dead in the water and we left a trail of fire at every company. We couldn’t get along with others obviously.

NC: How much of the Sirius XM non rehiring of the show is Neds fault? For making a song about screwing Scott Greenstein’s Grand Daddy?

Mike: Hahahhahaha None, I think they get it.

NC: I woke up one morning and jumped on Reddit and saw a story that you quit, it led me to your Twitch Channel (Cluster F Show) and you were talking about leaving the show. My man, that shit broke my heart. To me that let me know there is no way the best show in the world will ever come back together. What happened bro? The one person that we all would bet wouldn’t leave would be you. Even to the point I thought on the low you were running shit. So what was the tipping point?

Mike: It was a slow burn, I mean once we left Sirius XM it was when it started. We were killing it over there and the platform was phenomenal, I think we should have kept the shitty pay and stayed. Then we went through lineup changes, we had several line up changes we were maybe not the greatest show in the world but we were really fucking good. Even up till a couple of years ago we were killing it content wise, but when your show becomes this opportunity to bitch about all who’s done you wrong or all your lawsuits you’re in you’ll lose people. You start to alienate your audience, our audience isn’t a bunch of lawyers who love dissecting court cases. I think he just ran out of money you know? And instead of just telling me you got no money he decided he was gonna do bad radio and be a miserable person until I left. I just really couldnt take it anymore, I shouldve just stayed and fucking worked it out and made him fire me. I begged him let’s do good radio, let’s work harder. We’ve got great opportunities on Twitch so let’s bust ass and it was just like he wouldn’t do nothing so….. I don’t know I never figured it out. I just got frustrated, and you know Trace my son was working for the show and he was treating him like crap and I just couldn’t deal with this guy anymore.

NC: From a fan perspective it was very difficult to sit through a show. I don’t want to listen to three hours of a man shaping up an argument on how he is a victim, I mean we fall in love with the show, and it’s hard to get behind a man who’s a professional victim.

Mike: When I left the show I was really surprised how the Bubba Army really turned on me, telling me “Oh Manson you’re better than that” and “Stop whining”. I am sitting here thinking WTF, you sit and listen to this man whining about this and that for three years. Talking about being a victim for years, everyday for at least three hours. Then they attack me for talking about losing my job. Fuck off

NC: How is everything right now? How’s the Twitch Channel? (Cluster F Show)

Mike: You know I am so much happier now, I am just so happy without the negative kind of influence he had in my life. I now do a variety show. I talk a little about current events and do some comedy, but I do it my way without management breathing down my neck. I do a lot of research and I don’t just say things for the sake of saying things. I put everything I have into this show, I just wanna be able to sustain and do our show. We have “Ned in your Head” with Ned. Ned is an iconic character with wild views. He is an older man that you would expect to be from Florida and sings amazing songs (Parody). Cluster F Show is me doing radio. Fridays we have “The Bar Show” which is a more loose show with drinking.

I hope that at least one person in our audience will go and subscribe to Cluster F Show on Twitch and I hope it finds you and inspires you the way Mike has inspired me. Mike is not only one of the best radio talents on earth but he’s also one of the best humans on earth as well. GO GET INSPIRED AND SUBSCRIBE


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