We are excited to share with everyone, the brand new single put out by Static X called “Dead Souls” on their 2020 album “Project Regeneration Vol. 1.” For avid Static X listeners it will have you feeling this big wave of nostalgia and bring you back to a time where their music played a big roll either during adulthood or growing up. “Dead Souls” in particular as well as another song on the album “Worth Dyin For” were like a time capsule for Ken Jay. As he was given a demo of unfinished music with Wayne Static’s voice, it reminded him of how he sounded way back in the 80s, which really caught him off guard. For someone who has worked closely with Wayne we could only imagine the surprise upon listening. For us we wanted to know if this was a goodbye or some form of closure from Static X or more specifically a goodbye from Wayne. 

“Dead Souls” to me kinda had this feeling…

I joined Wayne’s goth project in 1988 and he sang. While “Dead Souls” was harsh, it kinda reminded me what he sounded like back in 1988. I get what you’re saying where it feels like a goodbye…”

“I kinda feel the same way and it’s not necessarily a goodbye from the band, but more of a goodbye from Wayne.”

Although the band is on a temporary halt due to the state of things in our country and each individual having other projects to be pursued, In the meantime, there is still a very high chance of a future for them. Things to be figured out through the obstacles and set backs as a band and for Ken Jay, until Wayne’s passing there was always hope to get the original lineup back together and create something. Even though that wasn’t meant to be, he felt as if they weren’t done and hearing that had us feeling that these songs were like a fulfillment of a prophecy. So even though he’s not with us anymore, the songs needed to be finished and complete. Expressing how Death Souls has this familiarity and reminisced on our own experience with the early days of their music, this song just captures that point in time for all of us.

“Everything Is on hold, so It’s kind of weird talking about this stuff. I think we feel like there’s a future, we’ve got some things to figure out as a band, some ideas. We do have projects we are working on and not being able to tour this year, I’m just not ready to say goodbye yet and I thought I was out of it, prior to this and when Wayne died I thought that was it. Up until he died there was always hope that maybe the original lineup would get back together and do something. Obviously that wasn’t meant to be and the only regret was that he had passed.”

We encourage our readers to definitely check this album out, especially the long time listeners. It’ll be sure to take you back and feel that sense of joy you felt listening to them for the first time.