James Johnston “Biffy Clyro”

It’s always a privilege to connect with different walks of life and from all over the world. James Johnson speaks with us about Biffy Clyro’s latest album, ”A celebration of endings” which celebrates new beginnings after painful endings. They have spent 25 years together as creative and musical counterparts and we delve in, superficially about the inspiration behind this new album.

NC: Damn it’s coming up on 25 years, how do you guys keep it going?

Johnston: We have been friends and in each other’s lives since we were 7 years old. Ben, who is our drummer and my twin brother, we’ve never been friends, haha. It just really feels like having 3 brothers. There have definitely been some hard moments and it’s those challenges that have inspired the album “A Celebration of Endings.” It’s really tough when relationships end, but you realize that it was probably for the best and that’s something to celebrate.

NC: This is one of few albums that sparks joy from start to finish. An absolute journey from the moment the first song plays. It definitely left me wanting more.

Johnston: That’s very sweet of you to say actually, we don’t want to be a band that people hear on the radio and think, “okay.” We’d rather have people not like us than think we’re just, alright. I want to be a part of people’s lives and it’s just so nice of you to say that. We want out music to have an impact on people in some way. Not everyone will like what we do, but for the ones who do, we want them to really love it.

If you love leaving the world and going on a mental journey this is an album to listen to. I went into my sauna and got lost, I went into a trance that I have since duplicated. Biffy Clyro is an amazing band with a crazy creative sound that will tap the heaviest foot and win over the most skeptical critic. I highly suggest you give this album a shot