We would like to welcome David Ellefson from Megadeth and Ellefson to speak with us about their album “No Cover.” It’s a fantastic manifest of songs put together in place of an original album intended to be released this year. Just like many other bands and artists, it had forced them to get creative and put together something fun to put out for listeners in the midst of a pandemic that has put live music to a temporary halt.

NC: How’s quarantine?

David: Actually, the way I look at it is “crisis presents opportunity” which, this quarantine has pretty much done for me. Musically, I have been very productive and found it to be a good use of my time.

NC: So the name of the album is No Cover?

David: Hahahahahahaha, yea. No relation!

NC: Hahahahahahahaha

NC: Take us through the infancy idea of the “No Cover” album.

David: We were all thinking what the point was to release an album of original music when we’re unable to tour right now. So we were on this creative high and almost, at the same time, had come up with the idea of putting out a cover album later this year. Why put out a solo record in October, which was the original plan, when we’re unable to tour to support it. All plans for touring have been moved to 2021.

NC: What song on the album came out better than expected?

David: Definitely Rebel Yell is one of my favorites on the album. It was fun to cover because it has all the right elements a great song has, lyrical and musically. The fact that it’s already been written I find there’s just some joy being able to go in and just play them. It’s fun at my age because I like to go back and compare it to when I was a lot younger and covering songs, having the experience I do now as a professional recording artist.

Editor’s Note: We highly recommend you check this album out wherever you stream or consume your music. David is a highly creative and innovative soul who is always creating amazing pieces of art and leading the way in creativity. The way these songs are put together and the thought put into them are beautiful and worth a shot. Check out Ellefson’s New Album “No Cover” anywhere you find music. If you’re a music fan you won’t regret it.