Recently Tim had the opportunity to speak to Michael C. Hall along with his keyboardist Matt and drummer Peter Yanowitz. The Rock band, Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum released their EP last April. The three met while Peter and Matt were on tour with the Head Wig US Nation Tour in 2016. They both decided they needed to spend time making new music after touring. Once they returned home to New York Peter introduced their music to Michael, who then pointed out that they didn’t have vocals. Michael sang over their music and blew them away. “it completed the picture,” quoted Peter.

Tim: How much has Lazarus and work with David Bowie inspired you with this project?
Michael: A ton, doing Head Wig which lead to Lasrith and working with Bowie back to back awakened and appetite to find a way to make music of my own. It gave me some sort of permission to do it.
Tim: What is your process like when creating?
Peter: Michael will send a vocal that he recorded on his phone in the bathroom with a full melody and lyric structure and Matt and I will plug music around it. Sometimes Matt and I are recording a live jam into pro tools and bounce it and send it to Mike right away and he comes up with the lyricals around that. Sometimes it’s all three of us. We try not to have one way of doing shit.

The talk about psychedelic came up. Are they inspired with the help of psychedelics? They didn’t help in their writing process but yes in a life like situations such as growing and opening their mind it did help. They were appreciative to hear that Tim could hear the psychedelic influence. Tim expressed that he listened over and over because he can feel it in his body. It makes him feel. Michael explained that the music is “like going on a psychedelic trip without taking the psychedelics.

Tim: Is the song Ketamine about taking Ketamine?
Michael: Among many other things, yes. You sort of develop your own personal relationships with songs and I think a song means whatever it means. Songs I loved for 25 years I have a different relationship now than I did then.

They all went on to discuss what everyone is listening to during the quarantine. Tim listening to Lamb of God and M83. Tim expressed how much fun it was to prepare for this interview then it was for Lamb of God. With them it was fresh air. Your songs could be on Alt Nation.

Tim: Michael, are you the King of Art? You have killed it in every aspect of art. Have you wrote a book?
Michael: No I haven’t and you obviously haven’t seen me draw. I am glad that I had the fortune to find myself in the right time and place to collaborate with these two guys. I wouldn’t be able to execute this on my own. I think all three of us feel this way.
Tim: Besides music what are you all into? What are you passionate about?
Peter: Dogs, my wife. I love art and music. Riding my bike.
Tim: What have you been binge watching during the quarantine?
Michael: I have been binging on Curb your Enthusiasm.
Tim: Did you guys watch Tiger King?
Matt: Yes, but at a certain point I wanted the tigers to just eat everyone.
Tim: What have you learned while creating the album?
Michael: A lot of gratitude. We are reluctant to spend too much time analyzing what we are doing. In fear of keeping us from doing it. It is important for all of us to keep the ball rolling.

To close the interview they discussed how much COVID 19 has impacted their professional lives. Multiple plans had to be cancelled such as going on tour and recording in Los Angeles. They plan on releasing more music by the end of the year.
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