NC: How has your Quarantine been?

Willie Adler: It’s you know it’s it’s it’s weird at times but it’s good I mean I’m I’m staying busy I’m trying to stay as creative as possible I think I’m just standing Just write music man and
you know playing and uh yeah just trying to stay busy.

NC: Are you writing for just yourself or are you writing for the group?

Willie Adler: It’s kind of all over the place I mean there’s some stuff that’s for the group but there’s other stuff I’m working on as well that you know would probably not necessarily be Lamb of God stuff.

NC: What other genre of music do you gear your writing towards or is it just metal?

Willie Adler: I mean I do a lot of metal shit but I’ve been kind of dipping my toes into some hip hop shit lately, I mean I’ve been a hip hop head since I was a fucking kid.

NC: Do you ever um collaborate with hip hop stars just to fuck around ?

Willie Adler: I haven’t yet but that’s not to say it won’t happen

NC: Post Malone, he fucks around with every genre

Willie Adler: I definitely fuck with Post hes great

NC: Did you see his Nirvana cover set?

Willie Adler: No, wait what? No Fucking way

NC: It was dope, you really have to check it out.

Willie Adler: As soon as I get off I will

NC: Okay It’s in regards to the new album, how was the decision to create this new album brought to you? Like did you get a text message one day “ Hey let’s make an album or is it an ongoing routine or creating?

Willie Adler: I mean it’s always in the back of our heads that eventually we’re gonna have to write a new record. It’s not like it’s one of those things on a to do list per se, but I never really stopped writing music so I just catalog all kinds of shit. I have hard drives filled with shit
when it was that time again and it was just like alright no no worries. Time for all of us to get together and figure this out and then we do it. You know we did things slightly different this time which was really cool, Mark, Myself, and our producer Josh we had like separate little writing sessions for like months which allowed us to become really focused
on writing. So it was real relaxed but still really focused at the same time this time around.

NC: Who’s been the last person to inspire you, you talked about hip hop and metal so you know you’re an artist and you can be inspired across the board but who’s the last person to inspire you.

Willie Adler: The last person to inspire me, um that’s a good question man. I mean Nipsy Hustle was a huge inspiration anything he fucking touched, what he means to a whole community I mean I just, IDK he was amazing yeah I mean I’d have to say as far as recent times goes my votes with Nipsy

NC: What’s the biggest obstacle you had to overcome being together for 21 years. What’s the biggest obstacle you guys have had overtime.

Willie Adler: I think it’s you know honestly being able to work and keep the spirit of writing and wanting to do this alive. I guess uh what’s the fucking word I’m looking for just that desire to keep going to keep that flame lit. It’s like a fucking garden or a straight up marriage I mean you know we’ve been doing this for so fucking long that you gotta look on it every fucking day to make sure that you know that the spark is still there and doing stuff thats fresh and not become stagnant not to get stuck in some routine .

NC: Are you worried about tours going forward in this new post Covid world?

Willie Adler: I can’t imagine that live music will not resume at some point and it’s probably gonna be a while. I was telling my wife, I think we’re probably bottom of the barrel of dudes that are going to be able to get back to work. I mean we for a living we get people together so it’s like there’s definitely part of me that’s a little freaked out by it but at the same time it’s such a huge part of life (music) that I can’t imagine it not coming back. I firmly believe that we will resume somewhat as normal at some point.

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