When does Pulley start like when does that come into your life?

Pulley starts. I’m in a hotel in Kansas City and the band Scared Straight morphed into a band called Ten Foot Pole…probably a band maybe a year and we put a record on an Epitaph and the scene blowing up. The music styles changing …94 probably somewhere around 95…. We become better players, you know Start to sing and add some Melody.
We put this record on an Epitaph and because Rancid sold, Pennywise sold, Bad Religion sold while we put a record out and people wanted to buy. Because that’s what you did back then, if you like this band that band and that band. They put a record on Epitaph “I’ll check it out.” There was no streaming. You couldn’t look it up on the internet. You had to take a chance. 
The reputation had this kind of genre and this style they were going and so the record just did really good. We started getting all these offers and we’re playing. The gigs went from like what they were for the previous 10 or 12 years to like our playing real shows now, they’re making money but we are playing like real gigs you like real sound system from a real people. There’s like 500 people now instead of 50, and it was good. So. I’ve been playing baseball at this point for 9 years and every year it was the same thing. You know, I shut down music. I’d go do my thing come back 4 or 5 months. We’d play.
Well now these guys like all they’re tired of turning things down and looking back. I can’t really blame them but they made me an offer. I got a phone call one night. I was in Kansas City … the guitar player makes an offer to me, ”Hey we wanna continue Ten Foot Pole. We want to get a singer. We’ll stop doing what we’re doing for the four months of year that you’re available and will be your band and you can start a new band.” And I said, “ Why the fuck do I wanna be in a band with you guys for.?” .. So I call a bunch of friends. you want start a band you wanna have fun once they’re being has fun. Within three months we put out the record. We recorded it and put it out. We had to let you know the guy at Epitaph said send me some songs, man, and it was really easy and we like I had the opportunity to like handpick the people I wanted which were you know, when you’re with a band for a while, you don’t really hang out with those guys anymore… When you’re together as a group. It’s like it became like I don’t wanna say like a job, but it became like we got together to rehearse we got together play but we’re kind of our own ways. Other than that. And the people that I was hanging out with other musicians friends of mine guys I was living with…Just seems natural to ask my friends to be in a band…That’s how it started in the summer of 95.

Cheating Houston Astros

My option is they are probably covering up a lot. You know, a player should be accountable there should be no, what’s the word immunity. That’s bullshit.  Pete Rose didn’t get immunity. None of the Black Socks guys get immunity. All the guys that did steroids.. Barry Bonds one of the best baseball player ever was, Roger Clemens one of the best pitchers they haven’t got a sniff of the Hall of Fame.  If this shit didn’t tarnish their records. They would have already been in there, you know. So here’s these guys that.
Won a World Series.
And cheated got busted but then were granted immunity because they told the truth. That to me is total bullshit. Now the front office and the managers that were involved they took the responsibility and they were let go are suspended whatever it is. I’d find it hard to believe those guys would ever find a job in baseball again, but that’s just me, but I think they swept a lot of shit under the rug, but I think they … I think they had to like really cover up and keep themselves from really looking bad… They took it to another level. You are batting and I’m at second base and that catcher is dumb enough so I can steal his sign and I relay put my hand on my leg. So, you know its fastball … that’s been going on for a hundred years.
But when you’re there you’re from me to him down the steps and there’s a video monitor and you’re cheating like that. That’s a whole other level and now they just got some stuff that came out … talking about this code breaker system on the software they built where instead of human trying to decipher the signs. This program picked it up like that and there’s so many people involved. I know this. I was part of a team that played that team 19 times a year.
I got fired, …I mean by far as I’m concerned in three years working for (LA) Angels. We play them close to 60 times.
How many of those games did my guys get their ass kicked because they cheated?
Yeah, it’s like people lost their jobs man. People lost their careers because of that and it was wrong. To slap you on the wrist suspend you for a year to dock that let you know how bad does $5 million hurt the Houston Astros? Zero!… Those guys fucked up…. They got busted and now are being protected. Simple as that. 

What drives you are a musician?
What did you think of the VCMAs?

You know what that do it for the love, you know, we just played a gig in Bakersfield the guy did a show with us… I have no idea what he paid them, but he said and I lost my ass about a Grand but he was happy. I was like he threw a party in his hometown at this bar and he’s like, “I’ll make it up somewhere down the road.” It wasn’t about like making the money was about create an event and being responsible for that and he was stoked that all these people from his hometown we’re coming there’s a lot of people in it . It was a good gig.
But you know, they do it for the passion. You know, what happened with there’s no money. It’s just pretty much running the venue, you know, that’s what I got to tell you that was an impressive walking in. (VCMAs) It was impressive man. I was. I think I had no expectation of on what to think. I was kind of shocked that it was held at a legit establishment. And then I watched like I was proud, you know, it was like this is real shit and hats off to you guys… I’m sure it takes a lot of work put that together a lot of love and I know that anybody that’s involved in that from our side walked out of there just super humbled and grateful and just so appreciative of the opportunity to be a part of something like that. That’s actually real.
It wasn’t like folding chairs in a legion hall.
It was a ride.
Is my favorite thing I’ve ever done like, you know…