NC: “I’d Rather Die Than Let You In” who are we talking about, who’s the girl?

Hunna: it was actually the record label, the previous one. The second came out about 2 nearly 3 years ago and while that record was going on, there were a lot of things the label management were doing that weren’t right. They were doing things without our consent, like booking shows and pocketing the money. It was all in house l so everything was controlled by them including the accountant,, management, record label, publishing and every time is was brought up it would get swept under the rug. They kept us consistently busy and we always put shows, fans and music first and we always had a hunch that something wasn’t right. Behind the scenes we did what we needed to do to get out and ended up coming out on top as a result. We’d rather die legends than be rich.

NC: How do you feel, inside, about this new album and which song is your favorite?

Hunna: That’s very hard, we had the song list with over 20 songs listed and had to chop it down to fit an album which was really difficult because we love them all. We had said that with every song on the record, we’d be so proud and happy to have come out as a single because we think they all tell a story are as strong as each other. We agree that

I Wanna Know” is definitely our favorite and one of the best common songs. It was released last month, but have actually toured with it and recorded it in Calabasis before putting it on the album. We toured everywhere with the song and even if people didn’t know the words it just has a chorus that is so responsive, easily caught and was being sung by the second chorus, we just thought that it should be on the album. It’s a perfect track and we’re so completely in awe of it.