The biggest success in dating is having open and honest communication. Always mean what you say, and say what you mean, and with that being said, here are my top five do’s and don’ts of dating… 
1. By all means do have fun with dating. Everything doesn’t have to be so serious, a friendship first is always best and a great way to attract the one you desire. 
2. Don’t smother. Just because you’re dating them doesn’t mean you own them or are entitled to anything ever. Always keep things free-will without expectations. 
3. Do be present and transparent, it’s attractive and makes you authentic. Keeping your nose out of your phone and being open and honest shows the one your dating they are important and worthy. 
4. Don’t talk about exes or negative pasts right away, unless you want to turn them off! Remember, you probably want to see more of this person not less. 
5. Make clear any definite intentions or the lack of from the gate. No one likes to be tricked into something , and felt taken advantage of. This saves you from a world of hell. 
  This brings us to a major don’t… 
6. Don’t “play” people that are authentically not wanting to “play” and please don’t quote Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me” if you do get caught. 
7. Do  have respect for your health and body as well as others by not carelessly sleeping around with numerous partners (this does not mean you have to be monogamous) however please act responsibly, and limiting alcohol and other substances during dates will keep you more in the zone and out of trouble 
8. Don’t catfish, always keep recent and accurate pics of you posted on your social medias. we all could stand to avoid a “Crying Game” scenario “so to speak”. 
9. Do remember how you’re treating the one of your affections in the beginning when everything is at its best if you don’t want to see it end. 
10. Don’t start dating after a Superfresh break-up unless you’re just looking to “hook up” (I recommend Bumble dating app for that!) most people do not appreciate being a rebound and not to mention all the potential drama that comes with that…

• Don’t have expectations: If you have expectations you will also have room to be let down
• Don’t Go in with an Objective: You cant control every situation
• Don’t discuss financial stand point: They will figure out if your poppin or not
• Don’t go over drug habits: Save that for date 2
• Do keep talking never let it run dry: Or she will run dry
• Don’t seek approval: Be yourself if she don’t like you, oh well find another. No need wasting peoples time on some bullshit
• Don’t be afraid to lay down some moves: Only if the mood is there
• Don’t ever do movie: You cant get to know someone there dummy, go to an open place.
• Don’t dress like a hoe: Keep that a secret other wise we will be thinking of your tatas the whole time
• Do Adventure: Make it fun so there is a way out of the awkwardness