Our editor asked for some more edgy articles for No Cover. I threw  a couple of ideas at him, and he felt they were lame. I agreed. Then I came across the Psychopath test. This a test created in the 70’s by Robert D. Hare. There are 20 questions, and depending on your answers you receive 0, 1, or 2 points. So I took the test. I scored a 4. (The editor scored a 2). Anything over 30, you may be a psychopath.

Simple, well not so much. As I researched more, Psychopath traits aren’t always a bad thing. Yes there are extremes, and those individuals should not be allowed in the general public, or even to live in some cases. Psychopath traits fit along with the bad boy type, so Girls are very attracted to that. Therefore these traits are passed down generation to generation, and will be more prolific  as time goes by. Other traits are, they’re extremely charming, they don’t feel remorse, they’re arrogant, they take big risks, and they are master manipulators. The first thing that comes to mind is a salesman. To be good at that job, several of those traits are really necessary. Another would be extreme sport athletes.

On YouTube, there is a video  “The Psychopathic Mindset of Michael Jordan”. The stories are from the perspective of other players that were on his team or his opponents. If anyone was to talk trash to him, lookout. He was going to humiliate you on the court. If you didn’t play well on his team he let you know. Here is one of the greatest, if not the greatest basketball player of all time  showing psychopathic tendencies.

Without the psychopath traits in some individuals, society wouldn’t be where it is today. We need risk takers, people who try things that could possibly kill you. Without, we wouldn’t have airplanes, satellites, automobiles, electricity, air conditioning, swimming pools, etc…  Our cell phones wouldn’t exist, and these days who could live without that. The hard part is making sure people with these traits are able to control it so they can be productive members of society. We try with drugs, but we should be careful.  Diagnosing an individual has these traits, so medicate them at an early age and keep them on these psych meds forever.  This will not work, as extreme psychopaths will still kill, and those that can control it on their own will not be allowed to live to their full potential.

I failed the Psychopath test, and I’m not sure that someone that passes is as evil as it would seem to be. If you take the test , don’t read too much into it. A psychopath can be a very productive member of society, and not engage in behavior that is detrimental to others. And in some cases being a psychopath can be an advantage.


Justin Harrison