Ron Underwood- Opiate for the Masses
A girl in Kansas city gave me some acid I felt as I was on the edge

Drummer Chris Gaylor of All-American Rejects

Chris Gaylor- All American Rejects. photo: courtesy of (Associated Press: Peter Kramer)

There was a lot, like man, there’s so many things cause, like you know, it’s a party for the whole time you’re on it: because, there’s nothing else to do. Most of the time you’re on Warped Tour, like you’re just sitting in a parking lot. I remember, a bunch of us on a day off one time. I think Kevin or some of the Warped Tour production like; us, Skiba from Alkaline, Oliver Peck, (obviously) the whole rejects camp, and -I think and want to say- Kevin and some of the production people came out. WE just rented a pontoon boat at, like, the Lake of the Ozarks or something like that. And like, me, Skiba, and Oliver were all three on one jet ski trying to crash it like all day. We were trying to see who could crash it the biggest. We were, all three, flying into the air. Smashing into each other like midair. We would jump back on it and still try and crash the jet ski as hard as we could like all day long. And then, the next day we’re seeing each other; we all got lumps on our heads. That’s what happens. You’re in the heat all day long for weeks, you start to get a little weird, you know? Like we were sober, dead sober.

Ed Reyes formerly of Taking Back Sunday
We played New York after Warped Tour was over and we were lounging in our tents when we heard this strange noise and Thursday’s tour manager drove by in his golf cart asking us if we had seen their drummer Tucker and we were like no we haven’t seen him and then we heard this really weird noise and this loud crash, then Tucker comes flying out of the forest we were parked next to just driving a golf cart like it was nothing with a beer in his hand and we were like “Oh there’s Tucker” and for me it was just like the funniest thing that ever happened. It was straight out of an Animal House movie ya know?
My favorite memories were the dance parties on our bus, the BBQ’s we had and getting to know people. I remember one time we had to stop playing because a tornado was going across the field, that was pretty crazy. Every night was an adventure.

Fletcher Dragge of Pennywise
There was one night in Panama city and we BBQing. We were making strawberry daiquiris. Everyone was cool but then some shitheads showed up and they were demanding that we get them food and drinks too – so we did but they ended up with Hot Dog daiquiris and raw hamburger meat in them and maybe a bit  of urine in it too.  They kept saying how great it was and we kept teasing them saying “ so yeah you like piss? We give you the recipe later.”

Peter DiStefano- Porno for Pyros
The funniest Warped Tour story…We were playing up the Warped tour in Fresno – my brother could not hear Mike Watt – while we were playing Mike stopped and yelled on stage “ can you hear me?” and my brother is going “no I can’t hear you”… and then the whole way there and the whole way back Mike Watt played Buddy Rich’s tapes of him screaming at his band members because he screamed at him. Mike Watt is hilarious!

Scott Shiflett- Face to Face
Befriending the DESCENDENTS and also the PENNYWISE guys – here is the deal – I am an older Punk rocker – my roots really go back to the 70ties and we discovered the PISTOLS, THE JAM, THE CLASH – that was really my youth with punk rock….which is in retrospect just like ROCK N ROLL with fancy clothes and Mohawks and what not. I wasn’t a 100 percent up on the punk bands that we considered my peers, granted I was up on Joey Cape and Lagwagon we grew up together and I met FAT MIKE through Joey when I was first getting acquainted with FAT WRECKORDS – I met Mike early on – but I wasn’t 100 % knowledgeable of who was who…but I was advised to stay clear of Fletcher of Pennywise, but the thing is I didn’t know which guy was Fletcher – so I assumed Jim was Fletcher and I was avoiding that guy …and Jim is just the most sweet and calm, mellow well read dude and I am avoiding him like the plague and meanwhile whoever  this giant motherfucker next to me he is this buddy that I became pals with and drink beers and having fun and I didn’t realize for the longest time that THAT Was Fletcher everyone had warned me about. The thing that saved me was that I didn’t have fear of him because of that for he is considered this terrorizing beast of punk rock and he is one of the sweetest, smartest, most intelligent, capable well rounded dudes that I have ever known and I love touring with that guy….Most of the dudes that had been victims of his pranks had it coming….

Marko Desantis of Sugarcult
Okay, Sugercult, we did the Warped Tour 2001 and the Warped Tour 2002. When we were just starting out, right before our first record came out, we did the Warped Tour 2001, so it really put us on the map. It was definitely our way of shaking hands with America because we hadn’t really toured outside of Southern California. And then, 2002, we did it again and in 2004. By 2004 we had a couple hit songs on the radio and we came back, and instead of playing the tiny stages, we were playing on the main stage. It was really glorious. It was just a really glorious time. I think it was their [Warped Tour] 10-year anniversary back then.

Tom Capone of Quicksand
Most memorable moment was, well the best show I liked was the show that we played in New Jersey. I believed it was Trenton. We were playing outside in and the Sun was going down and it was just an amazing vibe. That was close to near the end of the tour, so we were really tight with everybody, and, you know, we were playing tight. A lot of our friends were there because they’re next to New York. So that was my most fun show.