Tell me about the new album? What can fans expect from this new album?

We tried to refocus the Mice’s sound, in the past in a lot of ways you’ve been able to hear how Mice of Men has progressed. Musically every album we try to push the envelope for the audience. For us making music is all about channeling that and feeling it in our music.

You guys have a new line up, were you guys nervous about the change up at all?

I would be lying if i said I wasn’t anxious about coming back with just four of us, because we’ve never done that before and within the first couple minutes, even seconds of being on the stage jamming that first song, the crowd was responding and all of that melted away. It came back to what it has always been about, having fun and playing music.

Do people ever get your band confused with Monster of Men?

Yeah actually, one time in germany we were hanging out after the show with the fans and this older couple with their older daughter, who looked pretty out of place, came up and were like we were under the impression that you guys were of Monsters and Men but we watched the show have never seen a band like you guys before and now we are fans. They actually waited until the end just so that they could tell us, which was cool.

What do you do for fun?

I love just listening to music, and creating it. It really never feels like a job. I love going to record stores and listening to new stuff and thanking the stores for staying in business. I’m always looking for new bands and music. I encourage all bands to give me their demos. I’m not anymore important than other musicians out there and I’ll listen to whatever gets sent to me.

Whos your best friend on tour and not necessarily in your band?

I would have to say Tanner my drum tech. He helps set up my drums, tune them and takes care of all my gear. He’s my right hand man. We actually recently made it back into each other’s lives. We both are drummers from the San Diego scene and when my last drum tech left, he took his place.