I’ve heard a lot of mixed thoughts on this flick and honestly I was prepared to pass it by and I’m very glad I didn’t.  It’s a pretty simple film, think The Ring meets Halloween but, instead of Michael Myers and a video tape you get a sex monster and well, sex.  A young girl sleeps with a young man who then tells her she’s cursed and needs to sleep with somebody else or the sex monster will get her.  Man, that sounds so freaking stupid yet, somehow it isn’t.  When it comes down to it It Follows is really a coming of age story.  It’s light on the gore but, the violence is sharp and intense.  The reason why I love this movie is the little touches they put in it to put you off balance.  There aren’t any cell phones.  The cars aren’t modern but, some technology obviously is.  All in all it harkens back to a time of my favorite Horror without ever seeming boring or old.  It’s a weird little flick without getting too weird and high on the top of my modern horror list.