By Lynn

It’s pretty safe to say that Former President of the Ventura Hells Angels, George Christie has done and seen just about everything. His series Outlaw Chronicles originally aired on the History Channel in 2015. His book, Exile on Front Street: My life as a Hells Angel…and Beyond was brought to market September 2016 and seems to be doing rather well (currently rating 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon). The life-long resident of Ventura County, California has travelled the world hes met and befriended many a celebrity and musician.

Many people would never realize the opportunities that living an outlaw lifestyle would afford a man. During George’s 40 years as a Hells Angel he often promoted and / or protected several people. There’s even a story about George taking charge of getting Johnny Paycheck into a performable state that’s included in the Outlaw Chronicles series.  He’s been friends with Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Mickey Rourke, Jerry Garcia, Liza Minelli, Bo Diddley, (to name a few) and even had a birthday surprise of a meeting with Bob Dylan. “That was probably one of the most intellectual conversations I’ve ever had,” George confesses.

But, the only time he can remember ever being at a loss for words was when he met none other than Johnny Cash. It was at a Highwayman’s concert. George says, “I was with Waylon, Willie, and Kris Kristofferson then Johnny Cash comes walking up (it was backstage). I’ve got my Hells Angels coat on, it says Ventura on the front. And, he goes, I used to live up there. And, I said I know you did.” He chuckles and continues on, “I was on my way home and I was like, you didn’t even say anything.” He laughs some more. “I was literally at a loss for words.” I couldn’t resist asking George who he wished he had the opportunity to work with or hang out with. “Ringo,” he answered. He said, “I ran into him once and he had these two 6 foot tall blondes. One on each side. You know Ringo’s not that tall.”

These days George is spending his days promoting his book, touring, giving lectures, and doing a lot of writing. In approximately six months or so we should expect the first installation of what will be a trilogy of fiction books that are based off George’s life experiences. The first book to look for will be titled, Marked. There are several other projects in the works. We can only hope that at some point he will consider doing a book about all of the celebrities and their escapades. The best places to keep abreast is George’s Facebook page and his website: