Searching for a couple good netflix movies

The Invitation
 Starring: Logan Marshall, Emayatzy Corinealdi, Aidan
 Directed by Karyn Kusama
 Written by Phil Hay and Matt Manfridi
 I fully expected to hate this film, the writers responsible
 for lovely things such as Ride Along and Ride Along Two:
 Ride Harder(I think?) didn't exactly spark my interest in
 the film. There's been a buzz about it so I decided to give
 it a go and I'm quite happy that I did. A guy and his current
 girlfriend get invited to a dinner party along with all his
 old friends. After the death of their child the ex left him
 for somebody else in her grief counseling program. The
 premise is shaky at best and that's part of what makes the
 film so good, it solidifies with every minute. Quite
 frankly the writing is brilliant and coming from the guys
 who brought you the "clash of the titans." remake this is
 nothing short of incredible. It's a tense little flick that
 explodes in a dramatic albeit predictable way but, it's the
 main actor who really shines. Turning the horror trope of
 a hysterical woman not being believed gets turned around
 and that alone garnered my respect. It's the end that really
 seals the deal however, making all the little things about
 the film I disliked seem obsolete. There's a little gore but,
 it looks realistic enough and the "Jesus just shoot him!!!!"
 moments are pretty nil. It was in general a well thought
 out spooky little flick, and holy crap guys, the end. Like,
 really, the end is awesome. It does have some draw backs
 in the pacing but, nothing so bad as to want to turn it off.
 90 minuets not wasted.

I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in this House
 Starring: Ruth Wilson 
Written and Directed by Oz Perkins(Osgood Perkins on
 Written and Directed by son of horror alumni Anthony
 Perkins (norman bates for those who don't know.) This
 story of a timid hospice nurse who goes to live with an
 aged horror writer during her last days in what appears to
 be a haunted house. This film is superbly unique, a bit
 Shirley Jackson and a bit Edger Allen Poe its American
 gothic at its best. The acting is far above what you expect
 from a horror film especially from actress Ruth Wilson
 who is predominantly the only actress on the screen. It's a
 creepy piece of art turning a simple over done idea into
 something elegant and beautiful. I've watched this movie
 over and over still learning and uncovering little tid bits
 about the main character and her plight. This is by far the
 best ghost story movie I have seen in years and those out
 who feel The Conjuring and it's other Hollywood denizens
 to be too cheap and over bearing would love to see this
 film. It is a total game changer, spooky and beautiful, sad
 and engaging. If indeed an homage to his father than
 consider it a job well done.