Pascal Davayat is a Leather worker, Boot maker, and Metal engraver who originally came from France to go
to school in Los Angeles as a musician.
After deciding to leave music behind it was time for Pascal to look toward something else to make ends
meet. Undocumented at the time he started repairing belts at a local leather shop and stayed there for
four years from 1992 to ’96 because of the promise the company would teach him how to make boots.
The very same day he gained his citizenship he was fired from that job. “It was a terrible thing to do
but, we all run into bumps in the road. I said ‘you know what, I went in there wanting to learn how to
make boots so let’s do it now.” It was then that he decided to teach himself how to make leather boots
and that’s exactly what he’s been doing ever since. “I took a knife and I cut open all my boots to see
how they were put together and I made my first pair that way.” After a friend of his saw what he did
Pascal received his first order.
Hollywood Riffraff is the name that Pascal uses as his company name, he makes the boots out of his
house. Some of his better known work is making boots for Rock and Roll idol Lemmy Kilmister, the
statue made after the rock auteur dons said boots and legacy to rock and roll. “I’m not an artist, I’m a
craftsman.” And no two pieces are alike. He doesn’t do repeat work and what you get will be one of a
kind. You can find Pascal on Instagram as well as Etsy. Hollywood Riffraff is the premiere place for
leather work and if boots are your thing, Pascal is the man to get them made.  For more info click here