Interviewed by TIM AMOROSO written by SILVIE MIETZEKATZE

TIM AMOROSO: What was your mindset going into your new album?
MAX CAVALERA: We wanted to kick it up a notch. I had this idea through of the years I have been mixing some styles. The early SOULFLY was more tribal and the latest of my records are a little bit heavier. And I thought to my self – it would be cool to have a record that has both things on it – the tribal and the trash thing. And I have been jokingly calling it TRIBAL DEATH TRASH – because that is how it feels to me because there are some songs that have real awesome tribal stuff like on the first SOULFLY record and then there is this fast metal trash stuff that I love on it too. So it’s a combination of both but it goes beyond that there is stuff like a mix of everything I listen to – my taste is very diverse I go from everything like DEATHMETAL to METAL. There is even a song on it that sounds like MOTORHEAD and it is kind of homage to the band – a tribute to them because they are one of my favorite bands of all time.

TIM AMOROSO: How do you search for new music?
MAX CAVALERA: It is a different world now because of the internet but in the past what I would do is to look at the back of the records of my favorite bands and looked what other bands they thanked. It was really cool to discover these bands but it was also worth of mouth. It is good to do that but I also discover bands on band camp or spotify. On band camp you get a lot of underground stuff. When I like a band a lot, I get in touch with them – get a shirt from them so I can wear it on stage to promote them and sometimes I get to take them on tour too. I am a metal head for life.

TIM AMOROSO: I have heard you have over 300 pairs of headphones?
MAX CAVALERA: Well maybe about 150…I have couple of limited edition ones – a MOTORHEAD one, a RAMMSTEIN one….but yeah I collect headphones. I never see anyone else collecting headphones. So I started to buy them and put them in a duffle bag and then we put them on the wall. My wife nearly got a heard attack – she said “ it looks like freakin’ guitar center in here”.
And I told her well my side of the wall is going to be headphones and that’s how it is and on your side you can put whatever you want and she laughed. It does look pretty badass. It’s a wild collection and I even have crappy ones like one that has the WALKING DEAD on it and I don’t even watch that show. And sometimes my grandkids come and grab them

TIM AMOROSO: KILLER BE KILLED – was a super group you were in and everyone wonders if this is going to ever happen again?
MAX CAVALERA: This is funny that you mention it – we are actually going to practice tomorrow together. We are going to our SOULFLY practice place, which is this big warehouse where we have all of our gear. We are flying into Phoenix and we are renting a house and trying to write as much as we can. I think there will be a new KILLER BE KILLED record out next year.

TIM AMOROSO: By whom where you truly inspired the last time?
MAX CAVALERA: BOZER, is my favorite band by far. They are only two guys and they are the best thing that ever came out of Switzerland.

TIM AMOROSO: Besides music and metal what gets your heart pumpin’?
MAX CAVALERA: Football. I love soccer coming from Brazil and June July is going to be the world cup and I am going to cheer for Brazil. But American football has conquered my heart – especially the DETROIT LIONS. And my wife and me are big fans of MURDER SHOWS on tv like OZARK and we just finished THE KILLING and we are watching HOMELAND and we also watched GAME OF THRONES but we also love shows like DEXTER and BREAKING BAD. This is even better than movies because you get hooked on it. We watched the whole show FARGO on tour. That’s kind of what we do and even on tour or we like to visit museums and historic places.