With so much being talked about mumble rappers these days, I decided to really examine how I felt about them. As a self proclaimed Old Head I find it hard to embrace some of the artist in this category. My mind is bias but my ears always tell me the truth. My eyes don’t like what I see. I see 6ix9ine and think he looks ridiculous. Wait a minute. Didn’t Flava Flav look ridiculous? He wore a top hat, had gold teeth, funny glasses and giant clock around his neck. And he is a Hip Hop legend. As Chuck D’s hype man who got a couple songs of his own here and there. You could consider his style a tad mumbly. “911 is a Joke” is far more social conscious than today’s mumble rap standards. I can’t help to think if he came out today he wouldn’t be looked at like a clown. Looked at the same way we look at 6ix9ine. I have heard maybe one or two 6ix9ine songs. So I can’t honestly judge him musically. If I was asked off the top of my head who I thought were mumble rappers,’ my list most likely would be incorrect. I don’t know anymore. Did I ever really know? Here is my list of Mumble Rappers as well as my attempt to make my list a culture correct one. I would say lil Yachty, Designer, Future, anybody with Lil in their name, 21 Savage, Young Thug, and Migos. I think I could have sat here and thought of more but I got a piece to write. You get what I’m saying though. I’m at the same time trying to piece together a list of artist from the history of Hip Hop that could by today’s standards put in the same category. Today’s standards are ones that have a history. They are judged to old standards. Honestly they are very fuck the new and nothing is better than the old. What we don’t realize is that the new is exactly like the old. Yet the old set a bar and the new have to exceed it. Let’s look at the old with some new standards shall we. First off, Das Efx started their song with the greatest mumble of all time, bumstigitty bumstigitty bum hun. A song that arguably is one of hip hops top 100 songs of all time. Not only was this mumble accepted, it was mimicked and created a sub style that lasted throughout the rap game for years. Ice Cube “Predator” album was low key influenced by the Das Efx affect. Ice Cubes “Check Yourself” Chiggity Check yourself before you wreck yourself is one example. Second, Old Dirty Bastard. “ooh baby I like it raw” is today’s standard mumble rap at its best. Old Dirty Bastard mumbled some of the dopest verses in one of Hip Hops greatest groups. The Wu-Tang Clan. They are a group that you can consider Old Head royalty. A group that in hip hop fans eyes can do no wrong. Beyond the mumble Old Dirty was spitting barz that were clever and dope as fuck. He did embrace making sounds on a track that hadn’t really been done yet. Was there a mumble rapper hidden in between a lineup of the great spitters of the WuTang clan? His mumble was so embraced that we expected a solo album. A solo album that might possibly been the most commercial Wu solo album of them all. We didn’t start calling ODB a sell out once he had commercial success. We couldn’t. He is from the al mighty Wu Tang, no way. I didn’t hear anybody dissing him when he rocked with Mya and Pras on “ghetto supastar” He is hailed after his death as a hip hop icon. When it comes to mumble, slur of speech and lisp. We have Biz Markie. Who I have heard could possibly have some form of down syndrome. (Hip-hop urban legend in my opinion). Another Hip-hop Icon. An artist today could not come out with a song singing the way Biz Markie sung “yoooooouuu, you got what I need” It would be considered a joke. He might be a YouTube sensation, kind of made fun of. But the Old Heads wouldn’t take him seriously. By today’s standards that is. Kool G Rap? Heaviest lisp in rap history. Did his dope content make us overlook his mumble. I don’t remember anyone really bothered by what was so noticeable. Do these new rappers have any substance? For the most part I don’t see it. I do see other artists who aren’t in the mumble rap category with substance. Socially conscious, positive and clever. Do the mumble rappers get put in this category because of their lack of substance? Maybe. Comparing what we want to call “Hip Hop” Substance or no, funny looking outrageous accessories. It will in time be recognized as Hip Hop. Whether us old heads like it or not. Personally as an old head some of that mumble sounds good to my ears. It sounds good to a lot of ears of a generation that is just like we were. We set these rules of hip hop that we don’t even abide by. We have been on some my way or the highway shit. We forget how we accepted what we thought was ours. They are just excepting what is theirs. Ours isn’t theirs. When actually it is theirs, just in a different form. With my mumble comparison I am starting to see that, and I hope other ild heads do as well. If it sounds good then it should be enjoyed. Even if half of it is mumbled, yelled or auto tuned. Old heads can’t stand hearing a rapper yell on a track. But we loved us some Onyx. Slam du do do du do do……..Let the boys be boys.