Silent Hill

One of the few video game adaptations that I actually think works, Silent Hill is atmospheric, gloomy, moody as hell and frankly creepy.  The character change from the game to the movie makes sense (changing Harry from a confused buffoon of a father to a more than obsessed mother) and Radha Mitchell and is fantastic as the lead.   Sean Bean, for once, actually isn’t very convincing or interesting but, it happens.  The highlight for me in this particular spook fest is the set design and special effects, although a bit dated by the standards of today the practical FX are fantastic. The scenes where the world goes to a literal hell are very good, the raid sirens always set my nerves on edge and it’s perfect.  The gore is pretty mild to like although is one memorable skinning that has always been one of my favorites.  Silent Hill is a great movie for a gloomy night, when the fog rolls in and things are unsettling quiet.  It’s an effective film and quite worth the watch IF you don’t mind the mostly bad acting and a cop who looks more porn star than law enforcement.

It’s almost Christmas time folks and you know what that means?  Black Christmas, Christmas Evil, a very special episode of Tales from the Crypt and my all time favorite Christmas movie GREMLINS!  Now I’m fully aware that probably most of you have seen this movie but, if you are younger and your parents had awful taste in movies maybe you missed this little gem.  Gremlins is a perfect monster movie, it has heart, great characters, Corey Feldmen before he went of the goddamned rails,  cute animals, a mom killing things in the microwave and dozens of scheming, screaming little bastards raising a ruckus and you know, killing people.  Basically everything a Christmas movie needs, nay everything a Christmas movie deserves.  This is a great introduction flick to those of you parents eager to show your kids some horror without it being too scary, it’s mostly shenanigans.  It’s a really fantastic movie even just in production value, the movie just looks great, the music is amazing too and it just gives you such a great Amblin feeling, you know, like Stranger Things but, older.

Cult of Chucky
I’ve always kind of been a Child’s Play fan, mostly because the cheese factor but, the last two have surprised me by being much more creative than like the 50 ones that came before.  Brad Dourif is always a delight, he is Chucky and he’s one of the reasons why I so eagerly watch every new one to come out.  Now, along for the ride, is Brad’s Daughter; Fiona.  Playing the lead in the last two it’s been a torch passing of sorts that is really pretty delightful.  With all that being said I have to let you know that Cult of Chucky is really chock full of complete and utter nonsense and insanity.  Now, usually that would be a bad thing but, it really works for Cult and it just might be my favorite Child’s Play flick.  The premise is bonkers, they reintroduce characters in interesting insane ways and for the most part it just doesn’t make any freaking sense.  I loved it.  It kept me on my toes, it kept me guessing and let’s face it, a killer doll possessed by a serial killer doesn’t leave a lot of room for creativity but, damned if this isn’t a creative movie.  I will say that fans who aren’t fond of the franchise won’t like this flick either, at its heart it IS still a killer doll movie but, for those of you who want something different in the same or just want to enjoy a wacky little flick give it a watch, I never regretted putting it on.