In our quest to support local musicians, arts and culture, we here at No Cover  always look for ways to help promote and educate whenever and where ever we can. Needless to say, when we got the opportunity to draw on the wisdom and knowledge from none other than Chuck D, we jumped on the opportunity. It can easily be said that from the 1980’s until the present this man and the people surrounding him have played a major part in not only the development of Rap music but also generations of much more socially aware music.
The best part is that he is a huge proponent for bringing up new artists. According to Chuck D, “The biggest crime of arts and culture and music in the United States, zero support of local artists as far as using the tools of the locale.” Chuck D states, “I’m a firm believer- arts and culture is the universal language of the planet. While government likes to split us up, arts and culture bring us together.” “If the community doesn’t support its local artist, you can’t expect the artist to support or protect the community.”
Chuck D went on to give his perspective of where the Ventura County scene is at currently and the direction he believes we could be heading. He believes that Ventura County is strategically located for growth and could very well become a hotbed of talent similar to Austin, Texas in 1994 -95. His advice to all who are interested in culturing growth in the music and arts scene is to study the history of places like Austin, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee and use that knowledge to make Ventura a hub. Chuck D says that a prime example to be drawn on can be seen in Sam Phillips and the history on Sun Records. He says, “It all started because he (Sam) wanted to make a difference.” It’s so vitally important that we, the community, and the artists all build a collective and support one another in order to grow.
On the artist’s level, these are the pearls of wisdom of Chuck D:
1. www. Does not lie – use the world wide web to show your attributes. It’s not the quantity but the quality that counts. Remember, “Anything, anywhere else started the same way.”
2. “Make them (people) interested to fill up their time with something you got instead of filling up their time with something that distracts them – filling up their head with garbage.”
3. Stick together and back each other. Back each other’s legacies. Support your peers. You can back each other and still be at war.
4. Artist community is important. Collectives are important. It will promote a more well-rounded performance. “It’s a mistake not to collect when you’re trying to overshadow something coming from a bigger city.” Chuck D relates back in the day, “The DJ, MC, the graffiti, and the dance had to gel together to make the crowd go ‘oh, damn’ and when the crowd left they’re still shaking their heads like oh that was dope.”
Lastly, we want to leave you with this quote, “No matter where you are in the world, you’re at the center of the world anyway, because that’s your vantage point.”