Currently ranking number two on Alt Nation, Alice Merton, shares how traveling and moving around her whole life shaped her into who she is today. The German-British singer grew up living in Canada, Germany and England because her father worked in the mining industry, which had the family moving around a lot. “At some point I felt like my parents were very restless people and they just didn’t want to stay in one place for too long.” Maybe her parents traveling around prepared her for her current career as a musician, touring the world. It did, definitely, inspire her song “No Roots”, which is a metaphor for her not having a specific “ground” to call home.

When her up bringing isn’t inspiring her writing, Alice likes to spend time in Super Markets walking up and down the aisles for inspiration.”I put music on and I walk around all the aisles, I love the way really nice super markets look, I love staring at different products. I walk through the aisles and I just start collecting inspiration and I start humming melodies.” Maybe it’s the way products are creatively marketed or the inspiration formed from the shelves of endless items people have invented, regardless we are all digging what she’s writing and have two thumbs up for the process. “My main goal is just to write good music that people like, want to listen to, and that they can relate to, that’s the most important part to me. Whether I play in a big stadium or in a small club, I don’t have that expectation for myself because I just feel like music isn’t about that, it’s about expressing yourself in ways that you normally can’t express with words.”

Currently, Alice and her band are stationed in Berlin where they are working on finishing their full-length album before they embark on their tour in the U.S. The Album will be a very true expression of her music, mainly because she is her own boss. The band has their own record label and works with an indie label called Mom+Pop. “It definitely gives me a lot of freedom, because at the end of the day I get to choose what songs will become the next single and what songs go on the album, so I’m very fortunate that I get to make that decision.”