Titled just ‘Xmoor’ on IMDb for some reason I can’t understand, this little film wears the mask of a monster movie.  I love a good creature feature so I was hugely disappointed when I found out that this movie is exactly not that.  The premise is shaky at best, A cryptozoologist and her camera toting boyfriend go hunting to try to prove the existence of a big cat.  There’s a reward to catch it, I guess?  Anyway they meet up with a hunter to track the thing down and wackiness ensues.  Now, all the actors are credible in this movie, they are all talented experienced and far from amateur.  They are all also excessively whiny.  All the horror tropes are there and I’ll admit they’re cleverly used but, it doesn’t really ever make the movie work.  In its attempt to become clever it ended up being trite and a bit insipid.  It’s like if someone asked me, “what’s an OK horror movie to watch while I sew?” I’d be like “Xmoor i guess?” So it gets points for trying but, loses them for missing the mark.  I give it a resounding meh.