Who decides on a whim, to record and release an entire live concert? John 5 does, that’s who!

One of the newest additions to John 5’s lengthy repertoire, It’s Alive, is just that. A full length, one take concert, done flawlessly, masterfully, unplanned and perfect.  “It was a last minute thing. I said, don’t mess up guys we only have one shot at this. It came together as a fluke and I am so proud and pleased with it. This is what a live album is all about and that’s why we released it.”  It’s also important to note, It’s Alive is the only one of John 5 and the Creatures albums available on vinyl, so make sure to grab that up; and while fans are still in awe of this first live release, just barely a year old, John 5 has now begun the tour and release for the album Invasion, due the summer of 2019.  Not unlike Season of the Witch, released in 2017, Invasion will be released as a series of music videos.

The first video Zoinks, released January 2019, is directed and written by Disney animator Brett Boggs (Frozen, Wreck –It Ralph). The animation is reminiscent of Scooby Doo and the Groovie Goolies featuring the voices talents Susan Olsen of the Brady Bunch, Nikki Sixx, and John 5’s own lovely wife, Rita.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uWAGs10D6Q

Crank it, takes a wild left turn away from the animation. Directed by filmmaker and photographer Israel Perez, the video literally takes you on a trip. From the first few seconds, you’re hooked. The cinematography is dizzying and breathtaking. Combine that with John 5’s mesmerizing sound throughout, and it becomes mind altering, a literal trip.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15WA_du4UHc

The third video, I am John 5, has just been released March 1st. Also animated and directed by Brett Boggs, this video takes an even different turn as John comes busting through Hollywood like a heavy metal 3D Megatron. There’s something to be said for the satisfaction that comes from watching this video. Picture a larger than life robot John 5, strolling through Hollywood, disintegrating ineffectual attempts to stop him with the deadly laser beam of his guitar, all while a background of John 5’s immaculate, almost happy go lucky, guitar picking plays in the background.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFRddaF4fgc

The latest video, this time for the track “Midnight Mass”, features exclusive behind-the-scenes tour clips and live performance footage(featuring a few exciting cameos here and there) from the current JOHN 5 and The Creatures Invasion headline tour. The video was directed by Chris Huber, and the single cover art (above) was created by Brett Boggs.

The release of these four videos and his recent tour stop in Phoenix, to promote Invasion, I was able to catch up with John 5 and pick his brain a bit about what he’s been up to.  “Right now, we are playing these songs on the road and people are really enjoying them. I did work on a couple songs with Steve Perry, the Zombie record, did a bunch of tours, I was a writer with Nikki and the guys for the new Mötley Crüe movie that’s coming out. Really great stuff! I’ve been doing quite a bit!”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-XfnXmGKDI

John 5 has worked with a varied range of artists, performing as guitarist for some of the biggest headlining rock bands in the world such as Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson, as well as playing session with Paul Stanley, Rod Stewart, Lynyrd Skynyrd and more. Slash has called John 5, “one of the most mind-blowing guitarists around” and Rob Zombie has dubbed him “a fucking shredder.”  John 5 has released seven solo albums to date, as well as a remix album, and has written music for the likes of Avril Lavigne, Garbage, Ricky Martin and others. It’s Alive! and Season Of The Witch follow his previous solo work, Careful With That Axe, which debuted on the Billboard Heatseekers chart upon release in 2014.

Even though John 5 seems to be arguably one of the busiest and talented musicians in the industry, he still finds happiness in the little things.  On a recent stop in Phoenix, Phoenix’s own Alice Cooper, took him to visit his Solid Rock Teen Center. John stated it was one of his favorite memories on tour.  “It’s such an incredible place. These kids can go there and hang out and its unbelievable, an entire music arts center for teens and they can just show up. I got to play for the kids and talk with them and it was really a wonderful experience.”

I’m sure John 5 made some fast new fans on that stop. Not only because he’s insanely talented, but also incredibly gracious, giving and humble.   “It’s all about the fans. Its nothing without the fans. I’m still that fan.”

What’s next for John 5? Be prepared to see him in October when he hits the high seas on the Norwegian Jewel for the Megadeth Megacruise!  He will join artists such as Anthrax, Testament, Queensryche, Metal Church and so many more! Please check out the Megadeth Megacruise website for booking information https://megacruise.com/.

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Logan Miles Nix – drums
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