Ashley Warhol did not know she had anxiety until 2 or 3 years ago when she had to put down her ferret, Cleah. She started feeling symptoms while at the vet’s office and learned she was having an anxiety attack. Since then, she has taken steps to manage it with natural remedies and elements like teas, crystals, incense and music plays a huge role in that as well. When the pandemic hit, it brought about songs like “Listen To The Wind” and when an attack began to creep up, she would take to her keyboard and experiment with different instrumental sounds to see if it made an improvements. “Listen To The Wind” was composed in that way. In her early years, growing up, she had been drawn to music because of the closeness with her dad. Aside from her own music she is also in a touring rock band called Warhol which possesses a symphonic rock/melodic metal sound and are extremely popular in Europe. 


Aside from music, Ashley copes with her anxiety by mediating, which is also where she gets her inspiration. She’s also a painter whose distant cousin actually, surprisingly, is artist, Andy Warhol. They never met each other, but her dad had the honor of being able to and explains her multi-faceted artistic abilities. She enjoys having many of those outlets to keep her mind occupied and constantly going. 

Ashley was given the opportunity to score a horror film called “On Location” which is being produced by Felicia Rose from 80s horror classic, Sleepaway Camp.


“It has a really hefty cast and so they’re now editing the footage and once they do all that, then it gets handed over to me I get to do my job.”


NC: When was the last time you were inspired?


Ashley: Having conversations with individuals. I am in the industry and this world to heal, that’s my purpose and I heal though music and art and I just love human connection. So a lot of the time fans would say “you inspire me” but for me it’s the other way around because it’s those individuals who inspire me because I want to be vulnerable enough to be able to help someone else heal, which is why I wanted to write “Listen To The Wind.” There are so many people out there with mental health problems and anxiety and it’s, to me, never talked about enough and my goal is for individuals to never feel alone and that’s very important.


This beautiful soul has touched and inspired so many people through her art and musical talents as well as her words of wisdom. There are no doubts that her strong belief in God has led her to know that what she is doing right now for others is exactly what she is supposed to be doing on this earth. You can connect with Ashley via Facebook and check out her music video directed by Christopher Maggard, produced by Creepy Attic Productions, music mixed by Craig Douglas at Southwing Audio and everyone else involved in the making of “Listen To The Wind.”