It was a pleasure to sit and chat with friends from all over the globe, Good Things, who lay their roots in NYC is a wonderfully talented 3-piece that has been in the making for the past couple years. Chris and Cameron are two of the remaining line-up from one of their old projects back in the college days. They have stayed connected and are working closely, even before covid had taken hold of our individual freedom to play live shows. This is not the case for Good Thing, they have been more so nurturing this project in order to initially perfect what they would like to put out into the world with trial and error.


NC: Who are you guys, who are Good Things?


GF: Friends wanting to make music together and genuinely wanting to create something unique and the music isn’t really genre specific. “Awake” is very pop punk and “Heaven Is Yours” not so much.


These guys take it upon themselves to challenge each other and are fearless to put out material that is different. Since covid hit, Good Things has still been kind of figuring out the direction of their music on the album and with the title track “Heaven Is Yours” which has also been waiting to be apart of the album for the past couple years with much debate. For a while, that song was not going to be apart of the album due to the heavy nature of it’s lyrics. They had wanted to switch things up, lyrically, and bring about something more light-hearted to their writing. With a change of heart, the song was brought back into the mix. 


NC: What do you want your listeners to take away from this album and the messages of your songs?


Chris: It takes you through a whole wave of emotion, I would say, but at the end of the day the story is, shit is circumstantial, you know. Stuff happens and it’s the way I try to live everyday, day by day. I think not taking your life for granted or the life of others is so important. You gotta just appreciate everyday because you never know when it’s all going to end. 


Cameron: Music is meant to be interpretative, even though I wrote with very specific ideas in my head, people can still listen to it and relate to things in their own life. Just because it’s not the exact story that I had planned and wrote about, they can still relate to that. I want people to listen to this album and take something from it, whatever that is.


Between listening to their songs and being mindful of the concept, the album has us wanting some more and looking forward to the future of Good Things. You can check these guys out on any streaming platform, via Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Bandcamp.