Bill Champlin is an American singer, songwriter, and producer hailing from California. He is best known as the lead singer from the amazing group Chicago from 1981-2009 where he captivated a few generations with his smooth voice. Bill Champlin has done it all and has been a staple in American music for over 5 decades winning multiple grammys for his songwriting abilities and is entering his sixth decade this year. Bill Champlin’s new album “Living for Love” is out now wherever you purchase or consume your music. No Cover had an opportunity to sit down with Bill to discuss the new album and his life in this new Covid-19 world. I asked Bill where his heart and soul was at while creating this album and what headspace he was in, “ I was always told If it’s not personal it’s not art” said Champlin. “ So lyrically I tried to make it personal, I just really wanted to say something that touches people”. 

As a consumer of music that statement was so powerful and made me pause, so many musicians get so caught up in ego or caught up in the outside world it truly affects the art itself. This is why Bill Champlin is a pro and a Grammy award winner, he just thinks differently and gives his all to his craft. It’s one thing to say you give your all to your craft and it’s another thing to actually give your all to your craft. 


One of the standout songs on this Album in this humble writer’s opinion is a song called “Another Lie” this song is nothing short of amazing. This song cut through my callas cold heart and melted the ice that was around my heart and the ice that surrounded my heart  turned to water and came out of my eyes. This is a ballad for those who have dealt with the death of a loved one and substance abuse, “I usually write a song in one sitting maybe two but this song took two years. I was diagnosed with very aggressive Prostate cancer on a Monday and my son passed away of Esophageal cancer on that Tuesday. When I found out I had Prostate cancer I called him immediately and we talk all night on that Monday and the very last words he told me was he will be there for every single one of my doctors appointments and every single Chemotherapy treatment, because I was there for all of his for the last two and a half years. During the time we spent at these appointments we became really good friends and got to truly know each other, it became a gift from god cause I got to spend a lot of time with him during his final days. Before that there were lots of drugs, I am not gonna say he was an angel or he didn’t do anything because he did and boy can he tell a story. He was really into pills for a while, he wasn’t a big junkie but he knew how to spin stories for his benefit. We really didn’t talk for years until he called me and said hey I have this cancer and I was like we have to leave all this crap behind us and we became great friends. Esophageal cancer is no freaking joke; it hurts to breath and drink because the air and water touches that tumor and it hurts. When he died I was sitting down and trying to figure it all out and I remember telling myself I’d do anything to hear another lie just to have him back and hear his voice.”  We all have experienced pain and this song captures pain so beautifully and truly brought tears to my eyes.


Another great standout song is “Reason to believe”, this is the current single from this album, created by Bruce Gaitsch. I asked Bill why this song, and what does this song mean to him? “I was sick, I had cancer and it’s not a fun thing and if Tamara (His wife) wasn’t there I would have just said ah forget it and just let it take me out. Tamara pushed me and kept my head above water and it’s more about gratitude more than anything else type of song and I was just grateful that I was kept alive and thankful to her for keeping me alive. I mask a lot of lyrics so anyone can relate to it. The whole album is personal, this isn’t an album that has all these cute pop songs in there when you listen to this album it’s me, i am in there. Like I said if it ain’t personal it aint art. 


Bill Champlin did it again “Living for Love” is an amazing work of art that is described as not too Jazzy and a little poppy while not adhering to the pop rules. This album has it all and it takes you through a journey of emotions, but it isn’t a ploy to get you to spend your money or waste your time. This album is a personal look into a legends life, and he shares it all with us from pain to happiness and we are so blessed to have this piece of art on earth. This Covid-19 has been a horrible thing and the beautiful art that has come from it is special. We at No Cover highly suggest you go and check this album out however you consume your music. Visit for more.