Modern Mimes is described by lead singer Adi Hernandez as if Nine Inch Nails, Pantera and Jewel had a baby. On a deeper level, this band acts as a vessel to create messages in hopes they can reach out to the ones who are facing a rough time and need answers. Adi’s voice is like a beacon of light that carries us through the heaviness of the music and the heaviness of the message, like an angelic energy guiding us as we enter strange times and strange situations that we as a collective feel. 

With their new single, Karmic Fortune, in a nutshell, it tells a story of almost not listening to your intuition because the fear of what is to come or what you think is coming. It is about wanting to stay present and, in the moment, wanting to be here in the now, but those anxious thoughts created in your head makes it difficult to let go and actually enjoy what is right in front of you. 


As covid hits and devastates the country and rest of the world, this group of individuals does not plan to stop or break from what ultimately gives their listeners access to that outlet. They find such urgency in their duty as artists, musicians, even teachers, to spread the messages they wholeheartedly feel is their truth and can be as well to the many ears they reach on a daily basis. There is such a need to be able to push on and provide that out into the universe in order to manifest those intentions. 


NC: What are your plans going forward? In July 2021 you guys are going to be with a few of our friends like Disturbed and Korn. Where is this festival taking place?


MM: That is Cadott Wisconsin, called Wisconsin Rock Fest and that was supposed to be this year, but it got postponed because of covid and we were lucky enough to be put on the lineup for next year. There are a couple of other festivals as well and other things going on and we’re going to keep releasing music and try to get out there as much as we possibly can. Whether or not things stay the same, better or worse, we’re still going to push forward. The plan is to just continue.


We appreciate every individual and every band that we come across and have a chance to speak with and get to know. Diving deep and understanding a new perspective on the world and of ourselves is something incredibly special to take away from this band, so be sure to keep up to date with our new friends, Modern Mimes via social media and have a listen to their single “Karmic Fortune” and other music on YouTube and Spotify.