Liv Strange is a remarkable, talented unique soul who finds beauty in the weird and light in the darkest places. She is a deep soul who will see past the surface and take a dive and find what makes them tick, what about this person stands out apart from anyone else? Her music channels that inspiration. She best describes herself as someone from another planet with her head in the clouds, far removed from society and the world that we live in. Feeling as if she is merely floating in the universe, staring at the the whole world with eyes millions of miles away. Being so melody driven, she likes to capture her personal interests, such as murder mysteries and shows like forensic files to build a melody based on that. Inspired by these things, it is how she births the majority of her music. Somber and dark melodies is what draws her in and is what speaks to her most, or the happy and light. These things are very subjective, and we are all drawn to certain ideas, different feelings and perspectives.


“I like to play with my keyboard and use very cinematic elements like strings, horns, harpsichords, I love to use grungy guitars. I like to mesh the world of cinema, soundtracks and classical music with rock music, kind of like what Muse does.”


NC: What is your goal when you create?


Liv: My goal when I create is to access my fantasy world. I am someone who is first and foremost, melody driven, so my lyrics are secondary in that respect. So, if I can have a melody that takes me to a theatrical, universal place where it takes me out of this world, where I don’t have to necessarily talk about what’s going on in our country and make it political, I can just talk about flying spaceships, demons or vampires. Anything fantastical that kinda is romantic, dark, but has a raw side to it. It connects us.


Due to the circumstances of the state of our society within the country and all over the globe, Liv’s ultimate goal is to provide an escape for people that are in search of one. Aware of the high rise in anxiety and depression, she feels a duty to take people away from the physical and pull us into a safe space. This space is utilized to take people away from the physical and pull the individuals she reaches into a place where they feel love and accepted, which is what we as a collective people can sometimes lose sight of.


We’re excited to follow Liv and the adventures she gets herself into in the near future. Very intrigued in her growth personally and of course her music, where she will end up in that realm of things. We recommend checking out her cover of “People Are Strange” on YouTube and share with others to give artists like Liv Strange a chance and a place in the musical world. We always push for unique people and unique music to reach the ears of listeners all over.