Between the months of March and April, 4 veterans from Seattle Washington had given life to a project we know as, The Scoffs. Lead singer and guitar player, Steve” Knuck” Bostick, shares with us their story about how they spent a good, but short 10 months as a band until Covid and the restrictions that came along with it began to devastate the masses. They had hit the venues and played as much as possible, doing what new bands typically do to get the name out. Their last show before lockdown went into effect, being on February 28th in Seattle with TSOL before it was lights out.

The way Covid affected everyone at first was that they did not meet up during the months of the stay-at-home order. The initial reaction was to feel terrified and the band went into a sort of hibernation mode.  As limiting as the restrictions were, Knuck wrote a song as the lockdown had become slightly lifted, called “I Wanna Quarantine With You.” That was the song that brought them back to the table and continued on.


Some of the biggest influences of the band, one main source being Generation X followed by The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, Dead Boys, The Vibrators and 999. As a young kid growing up, on a skateboard in the 5th grade, Knuck had discovered and listened to beloved artists such as Agent Orange and Suicidal Tendencies. He went on to explain how he had such an infatuation with aggressive music as a hyperactive kid. The first punk album he had the fortune of listening to was The Buzzcocks on vinyl and a buddy had turned him on to the album “Milo Goes To College” by The Descendants and was instantly hooked. To this day Knuck stays rooted in old school punk rock and as a new band, each member has agreed for the sound to go the old school direction with a late 70 early 80s vibe.


NC: If Someone who didn’t know you, came up to you and asked who The Scoffs are, how would you answer that?


Knuck: We’re 4 friends from Seattle from Seattle punk and rock n roll bands and we all have a pretty singular vision on what we wanted our music to sound like. Want it to be exciting and up tempo, get the blood boiling, and feet moving. We’re sometimes political, we’re sometimes just rock n roll oriented lyrics. We haven’t taken position as far as “anarcho punk” band or anything like that, we’re straight from the heart and sometimes that involves stuff that you’re mad about and sometimes it involves loss or reflection. We are simply an extension of the personalities in our band and we are an extension of our musical influences and try to pass on that vintage punk stuff that you don’t hear anymore. You get a lot of pop punk that is super nasally and you get a lot of hardcore stuff, but you don’t hear a lot of people rockin that 77 sound or the early 80s power pop stuff. You just don’t get a lot of that, so that’s what we’re trying to do, keep that vibe current. 


Since the lockdowns and quarantine, these guys have been busy writing, as this time forces bands and other musical acts to do at this time. It had been such a breath of fresh air to be able to meet up and play weekly like before after so many stagnant months. The Scoffs will be delivering 2 EPs alongside a music video and be sure to check out the music video “Little Blue Tyrants” already out on YouTube.