From the year 2015, Mia Rose seemed to have gone through one tragic event after another. Between being talked into getting an abortion, a nearly debilitating illness, her car getting stolen, about every life issue under the sun, she remains hopeful for a much brighter future.

Mia had traveled to Germany to visit her cousin, who, sadly, had passed away after being struck by a car. While she was there, she discovered that she was pregnant and once she had returned to her home in Los Angeles, she was talked into getting an abortion by her partner at the time. His reason being that they were not financially stable to care for a child and prior to her pregnancy he had quit his 6-figure job, which left her paying the bills, including two car payments and $2,400 rent. Three days after Mia had the abortion, she discovers that her partner had packed a bunch of his things in plastic bags and left her in the middle of the night. This leaves her heartbroken, confused, and unable to trust anyone. On top of it all she also came to find out that her ex had her car stolen so he can claim the insurance money. Those moves make it clear that his plan was calculated and the reason he wanted her to abort her baby. 


A month after these events occurred, Mia was faced with having to put her dog down and for her that was her absolute best friend and was able to lean on when she needed someone and had been one of the biggest triggers for her decision to move back to Reno Nevada. She felt she needed to be around her family, especially after all the trauma she had endured and due to it becoming much harder for her to keep up with the rent on her own. 


Around 2017 she had gone through some major surgery to remove her gallbladder due to feelings of sharp pains in her lower abdomen. Post-surgery she had gained some weight and would be mocked by some of her viewers on Twitch and was even offered money to pay for weight loss surgery. She had accepted the offer and underwent another surgery that removed 80% of her stomach and complications led her to not being able to eat or drink properly and hooked up to a feeding tube. As much as her life had many downs she prospered and was able to find success on OnlyFans. The reasoning behind getting back into that side of the business was, of course, to make ends meet, making money and friends and family opening that door. Before the OnlyFans platform, she would create her own content privately on her phone and essentially find her own clients. OnlyFans turned out to be one of the great success stories which gave her the freedom to be financially stable, independent and able to work and live wherever she desired. Content on her OnlyFans as well as recently shooting a video in Las Vegas and getting back into the porn industry with already plenty of connections has Mia excited about the future of her career. She had found her way out of that dark place back in 2015 and describes 2020 as her best year since getting back into what she loves doing and continues forward.