Hailing from Montreal Quebec Canada, the incredible metal band Suicide for a King is full of talent and passion. Front man Jeremy Rodriguez describes the band as modern metalcore mixed with nostalgia emo. “We are all from different walks of life, we take every inspiration from all members of this band and mix it together and this is what gives us such a unique sound.”, says Rodriguez. We at No Cover agree this band is definitely a special breed, heavy music with a melodic calmness this band is not lacking talent. When God made these guys, he put a dash of Devil Wears Prada, a Pinch of Coheed and Cambria, and capped it off with a bit of Hidden in Plain View. This band is ready for the biggest stage and would kill it on a Vans Warped Tour 


February 5th, 2021 Suicide for a King released the very anticipated video for their single “The Worst in Us” “Emotions play a significant role in the human experience itself and can have a profound impact on one’s life both very positively and extremely negatively. Your life can be altered, and a new path set because of a moment of indecision or the wrong decision” says Rodriguez. We all have that inside of us, the worst of humanity lies dormant. It is up to us to not let that part win and make the right choices in times of anger. The video is clean, amazing colors and looks like a horror movie with chains and barbed wire everywhere.


Front man Jeremy Rodriguez has the voice of an angel and devil at the same time, it is beautiful and melodic as well as dark and heavy. We asked Jeremy what work do you put in to make sure your voice is always ready to go, and what do you do to take care of it? Rodriguez said,

“I am really careful with everything I put in my body and when I am on tour I don’t yell or scream. Even though this is my passion this is a job too, I only focus on the show and drink a lot of water. It’s not like rock stars from the past, as a matter of fact I don’t understand how they did it cause I can’t drink or smoke. I do my warmups and take care of my voice cause it’s my instrument.” Rodriguez is a dream front man who truly takes his craft ultra-serious and should be praised.


Suicide for a King is the future of Metalcore, in a world that seems to have forgotten about this genre I believe they can lead the charge in a resurgence. If you are missing Emo or Metalcore from your life and if you have a chance, I highly suggest you add Suicide for a King to your playlist and check out the new video “Worst in us” available on YouTube and pick up their music wherever you stream your music. 


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