The Norway native and explosive pop starlet Elise Eriksen moved to New York City when she was six years old and moved to California when she was eleven where she has started her pursuit for a dream. While visiting Norway multiple times a year and still speaking her native Norwegian language in her home, Elise Eriksen keeps her relationships alive back home and staying true to her roots. Elise Eriksen is an amazing talent who has just released her first single “Less” featuring Shoffy and let me tell you it is a banger. The beat is specifically special sounding like something that came out of Superduperkyles laboratory mixed with Elise Eriksen’s beautiful voice makes this song phenomenal and something to seek out. If Dua Lipa, Doja cat, and Beenee had a child her name would be Elise Eriksen. The writing with the combination of lyrics and production has made this the number one song that has come across this writer’s desk in the last few months. 


I have only heard three songs of hers and all three songs have me going down all different holes of curiosity “You know my name” which has some serious Tame Impala vibes and could easily jump in the rotation for SiriusXM’s Alt Nation. February 5th, 2021 marked the release of the amazing Elise Eriksen’s second single “Smile” which is an astounding song that is a powerful anthem that promotes a positive look on life especially while in the face of adversity. With three songs under her belt, it makes me question, is there anything this girl cannot do? “This song is very important to me and especially in this time we pretend everything is ok and we put on this smile to the world. A lot of people including myself have had a rough time in the landscape we are in right now and “Smile” to me is pretending it’s ok when it’s not. I know I am not alone, and I want others to feel they aren’t alone either. This song is real and raw and the emotion behind it is real and not pretend, I really hope that the song conveys that message fully.” says Eriksen.


“The one moment I am looking forward to in my future is performing at Madison Square Garden and having the audience sing back my songs to me.” says Eriksen. “Since I was little, I have been working and working on my craft and studying the world around me from artists to producers so I can figure out my identity and figure out what’s really me.” say Eriksen. 


Elise Eriksen is a special talent that has an amazing cast surrounding her from producers to writers and especially management that seems to put this girl on the fast track to success. With all her songs pulling in so many directions but all pulling her up, I truly suggest that if you have a moment you should go and download or stream any or all of her music. Elise Eriksen is a star