Nothing in the world feels better than this……………………………..

Imagine if you will, going through the catalog of all your memories trying to figure out the question to “Nothing in the world feels better?” What would be the memory that you would choose? Ladies and Gentlemen please let me introduce one of the best bands I’ve ever had the opportunity to interview “Whole Damn Mess” and their new song “Nothing In The World Feels Better”. “Nothing in the World Feels Better” was mixed by Grammy-nominated engineer Mark Needham [The Killers, Imagine Dragons] on the track, a propulsive beat glides underneath warm guitars before a hypnotic chant takes hold with a straightforward, yet poignant message. “This moment could be as good as any moment you’re ever going to get, and it could be the last,” Katz explains. “So, nothing in the world is better than that.” 

Don Miggs (Miggs), C. Todd Nielsen (Floyd Wonder), Lawrence Katz (Mighty Mighty Bosstones), and Greg Hansen (Floyd Wonder) is Whole Damn Mess an amazing group of talented guys who are lifelong friends and musicians working together to bring amazing music to the world based out of Los Angeles. They have a tremendous resume and collectively they have worked with the best musicians around the world including Mick Fleetwood to Billy Corgan and everyone in between.

When I first heard this song “Nothing in the World Feels Better” I was forced to look internally and go through all my highlights in life, from the birth of my children, to Youth Football games, to the kids running to my arms when I came home from work, even professionally with the accomplishments with our magazine. I got nostalgic, this song put me into a trance that made me relive my life in moments and became the longest 3 minutes and twenty three seconds of my life. After listening to this song 47 times it all came to me, in my life “Nothing in the World Feels Better” than driving home on the 101 at 11:30 at night with the music blaring and looking in the rear view mirror at my kids sleeping after a day of adventures. In my life I feel music is the key to self improvement and appreciation, life at times moves so fast and when you finally have time to reflect it is over. This song teaches us to search through yourself and recognize what your “Nothing in the World Feels Better” moment and embrace it and hold onto it as long as you can.

“Its a love letter to the struggle, I was in this real low point in my career when this song kinda was birthed. The Chorus “Nothing in the World Feels Better” is a reminder you will get through it and bad negative times in life that’s what makes the good moments fantastic that’s what makes life worth living in a real weird way. If every place tasted like Spencer Mckenzies we wouldn’t love Spencer Mckenzies you need bad burritos to appreciate the great burritos. You really need the bad moments just as much as you need the good moments to appreciate what you have cause those moments are the best moments in the world.” says Todd Nielsen

“It’s like we’re making records for the teenage versions of ourselves. It goes back to the moment you saw your first concert, heard your first live band fire up, and looked up at the lights and said, ‘Holy fucking shit, I need to do this for the rest of my life’. It’s something every musician has felt. That’s the feeling we want to share.” – Whole Damn Mess

“One of my favorite lyrics in a song is “Your diving in deep, and coming out dry”  the idea is we give everything to what we are doing and the thing about the music business that’s so crazy is we dive in to the bottom with no idea if we can get back to the top, and sometimes we still come out dry. That could be so demoralizing and hurtful, but the idea is to get back in and do it again. It’s the doing it that Nothing in the world is Better than, it’s not always getting it that makes things so magical. Let’s say they are considering this song for a commercial, it would be amazing. However that’s not what makes this song amazing it’s all the intangibles its the mixing, the mastering, the writing, and all the time on the front end that makes this amazing. At the end you get this shiny thing that’s not what really lasts, what really lasts is all the hard work and the relationships.” says Don Miggs

I have been covering music for a little more than a decade and few and far between am I moved by a song and a band as much as I have been moved by “Nothing in the World Feels Better”. This song has everything a song should have and it stays with you and resonates with me so much. This song reminds us that the world is crazy and the journey is far more important and valuable than the destination.


As crazy as the world may be, the moment feels totally right for Whole Damn Mess and their undeniable energy. “We’ve never lived in a better time, and it’s never been more chaotic,” says Miggs. “We are a respite from the challenges of being upright and a deep look at the everyday struggles, yet still standing up and saying, ‘Let’s do this’.” We at No Cover Magazine highly suggest you hear this song and ask yourself what in the world feels better. You can get “Nothing in the World Feels Better” anywhere you consume your music.