Sole Basaldua is a remarkable young and beautiful musical talent that was born and raised in Argentina, Sole started her journey at six years old where she partook in musical theater and dance. When she was seventeen, she moved to Spain to be with her mother and attend dance school while performing throughout the Island, while performing, Sole was noticed and she found herself a manager and started touring all over the UK and ended up moving to London and composing for Academy in London and learning all she could about music. Sole fell in love and moved to LA and has been here ever since, with her eyes ultimately focused on Miami “My heart belongs in Miami and eventually I want to move there, I just feel my heart belongs in Miami it’s my city it just calls to me”.  


Sole Basaldua has a song coming out this month that features an artist we have had in our magazine a couple of months ago known by Eric Zayne. Eric Zayne is one of the most talented individuals on earth and hearing these two’s music child is the equivalent of Beyonce and Jay Z berthing children, you know the child is gonna be special.  Well, it is, “Lost my heart in Miami” Sole Basaldua produced by Eric Zayne this song is a beautiful mixture of Latin roots mixed with modern pop and dance with a very familiar Gloria Estefan vibe. The song is a banger. When asking Sole what was she going for in the creation of the song, she said “I just got back to LA from Miami and I was sad, I missed it and I started creating. I was really going for Latin Pop European vibes and I think we hit.”


It is an amazing thing being able to sit down and interview artists from all over the globe, and just talking to these artists feels so cleansing and freeing to my soul. I was able to have a zoom call with an amazing artist Sole Basaldua when she first came on the call, she was so breathtakingly beautiful I paused for a second and then I realized I had a big pimple on my face. I felt like a kid again in high school, I felt so embarrassed not only is Sole a beautiful woman, but she is so talented and fearless. She has traveled the world in search of her dream and in a society that is often rewarded for taking the easy route, she did not. Sole has worked hard in search of her dream when we asked what is the most important lesson, she has learned in life so far she said, “Throughout everything I’ve accomplished I have always been told how lucky I am, and it’s not luck. I have literally had to sacrifice and bust my ass to get here. I work hard there is no such thing as luck, you have to keep pushing forward no matter what and work hard.” Sole is a great example to all the dreamers out there to work hard and follow your dream and find the strength to keep going. No Cover Magazine highly recommends you drop whatever you are doing to go and check out her new song wherever you stream your music.