The ultimate underdog story for every dreamer……………….


Chris Jericho known for being the best wrestler eeeeever and front man for the great metal band Fozzy can now add producer to his already ridiculously long list of accomplishments. “I’m too old for this shit”, an amazing documentary produced by Chris Jericho and directed by Nathan Mowery. “I’m too old for this shit” is the ultimate underdog story for every dreamer who thought their dream had died. The film captures the essence of 1980s underground and fan favorite heavy metal band Siren who reunites after more than 30 years because of one Facebook message. We all have dreams. Imagine being 50 years old thinking your dream was dead only to have it resurrect right in front of your eyes.  


Ed Aborn (Drums), Hal Dunn (Guitar), Todd Grubbs (Guitar), Doug Lee (Vocals), Greg Culbertson (Bass) are Siren. This documentary follows around these five dreamers as they try and move on from their past of distrust and push forward for rock and roll. After a fan reaches out to Drummer Ed Aborn that ultimately led to the band who has not been together in 35 years performing in Germany for the Keep it True Festival and getting the fairy tale ending, we all would want for our own life. We had an opportunity to sit down with Ed Aborn Sirens original drummer.


Did you hold any anger or resentment after watching your dream die the thirty years prior to the release of the documentary? “For sure I was upset back in 1986 when the songs me and the guitarist wrote were used to get a record deal that we were not a part of and I did not even get a thanks on the album credits, but no I never held on to resentment I just let it go and became a regular guy. I just didn’t have it in me anymore to fight for the dream I just wanted to focus on college.” 


“Little did we know a record deal had already been worked out as we were leaving the band, two weeks after we left Doug Lee our lead singer reached out to other former members and they ended up creating the album and benefiting off of our success. There were really no hard feelings, especially when we first met after 30 years of not talking. “ 


This documentary is amazing, no other words can do it justice other than amazing. It is quite easy to fall in love with the characters in this doc especially Ed Aborn, who seems to be the father figure in this story and watching him herd cats makes this documentary all the more relatable. We at No Cover encourage all our listeners to go and check out this documentary now available via Gravitas Ventures on iTunes, Amazon, and various streaming platforms. Run time is 89 minutes and you will not regret it. Also follow Siren on IG or Facebook and listen to Siren anywhere you stream your music.