Save the date June 18th, 2021, Neonfly have announced the highly anticipated upcoming full-length record, “The future, tonight” on German powerhouse label Noble Demon. Neonfly have been smashing festival main stages and touring with some of rock’s biggest names including Alice Cooper, Gamma Ray, and Magnum. Willy Norton (Vocals), Frederick Thunder (Guitars), Paul Miller (Bass), and Declan Brown (Drums) are the band Neonfly a high energy performing metal band from Britain who is on course to take over the world with their compelling musical and visual live draw. However, prior to the main course let me take you to the appetizer, Neonfly has just released a brand new single and music video: a cover of the 1970’s Shocking Blue classic “Venus” accompanied by a tongue in cheek video homage to female empowerment. Neonfly also features Instagram model and fetish goddess the beautiful Dani Divine in the amazing cover of “Venus”. Dani Divine brings a sensual and sexy vibe to the heaviness of the song and let me tell you she’s got it……. “When I first heard about the idea, I was psyched about the song choice! I have a thing for sexy metal covers of cheesy songs. This was my first time professionally recording vocals, and I enjoyed it so much! Shooting the video with the guys was a full day of non-stop hilarious shenanigans – all the while channeling my inner ‘Venus’ dressed head to toe in latex.” Dani Divine explains.


“We spent the pandemic on lock down and we did a whole series of acoustic covers which was a part of our crowd funding, so we owed people who donated and there was one song it was our last song and we thought hey why don’t we just get rid of the acoustic guitars and plug in and it came out so good, so we went with it.” Says Willy Norton


“This is an appetizer and we needed to remind people who we were electrically because we are an electric band. You have to feel us plugged in to really get us” says Willy Norton and what an appetizer this is, normally I am not a huge fan of covers when it comes to metal because it’s very easy to come off cheesy and non-authentic. But this song is original and well thought out heavy yet soft. I took the time to go through the catalog of music of Neonfly and it’s as if I am going through a time machine as everything is very modern but with hints of older decades of music in it. I can feel the 80s, 90s, 70s, and now, I asked Willy Norton while creating this album is this all heart or this well thought out. “It really isn’t planned out, this is heart. If your heart is in the 80s one day for one song and one day, it’s in the 70s. We really have a broad love of music and we write music that we love.” says Willy Norton.


We at No Cover highly suggest you stop whatever you’re doing now and check out Neonfly’s rendition of “Venus” and the video is dope too. Neonfly can be found all over all social media platforms and can be streamed wherever you consume your music.