This is the life I dreamed of

Internationally acclaimed guitar slinger, vocalist, songwriter, Damon Johnsonwill debut his new band, The Get Ready, with the release of Battle Lessons, out via Double Dragon Records. The Get Ready(Jarred Pope on drums and Robbie Harrington on bass joining Johnson). Battle Lessonswas recorded in Damon’s adopted hometown of Nashville, produced and mixed by multi-platinum producer/mixer, Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, Evanescence, Rush, Stone Sour and more). The title track and debut single from the project was a smash on the Classic Rock Chart for several weeks climbing to lucky #13 on that chart. There is no doubt Damon Johnson is an amazing talent in the world of music, coming from a family full of amazing musicians it was inevitable for him to become the amazing musician we all love and respect today. This album is him and his soul on full display and his soul is amazingly beautiful. “My whole goal for this record was simple, I wanna feel about the songs on this record the way I felt about my favorite bands when I was a teenager 18/19/20 because that was the pinnacle of the hard rock scene for me. I was obsessed with it. I would play guitar every day and just absorb all the music I could.” Says Damon Johnson.Every time I am privy to listen to an unreleased album, I truly take advantage of it, as that was always one of my biggest inspirations getting into this business. One song that really stood out to me was a Song entitled “Shadow Country”Damon Johnson and The Get Readyreally hit the nail on the head of this one and is definitely my favorite song on the album. While I had a time to sit down and chat with Damon Johnson I specifically asked about this song.NC: Tell me something special about this song, it reminds me of a movie that’s over and I am left wanting more.“Shadow Country is a special song, that was the only song out of the batch that was not written when we started with our producer Nick Raskulineczback in March of last year. Because of the pandemic and because of the shelter in place restrictions we were forced to make the album in sections, where we did three songs at a time. One day after a recording session Nick Raskulinecz came to me and said, “Hey man why don’t you try writing something else, we have so many killers on this album what if you can write one more that would be on par with the rest of this album” and honestly “Shadow Country” wouldn’t exist if he didn’t point me in that direction. I sat down in my office and I started writing and I remember how overjoyed I was as this song was coming together, it’s really a different song then the others on the album. It starts with a heavy rift and a cool lyric. It’s very Soundgarden-ish sounding and I honestly have never written a song like that. It was liberating.”“Battle Lessons is family and music. The result is I have been in this business a long time and I’ve never been more proud of anything I’ve ever done in life than this” says Damon JohnsonDamon Johnson and The GetReady’s New album “Battle Lessons” is an amazing piece of art and I found myself truly embracing and loving every song on this album, it is safe to say this album is ALL KILLER, NO FILLER. We here at No Cover highly suggest you stop everything you are doing and stream or purchase “Battle Lessons” anywhere you stream or consume your music