“It’s better to leave people wanting more, than to wear out your welcome”. A philosophy of words by Dead Animal Assembly Plant’s Zach Wäger, whom we are truly grateful to for taking some time to speak with us about this project. 

Dead Animal Assembly Plant was actually created by Zach while having some ideas while in a friend’s band called Bound In Oblivion, where those ideas didn’t really fit with the vision. Being a lover of things horror and having, once upon a time, being a part of the drama club in high school, Zach knew what he wanted to do as far as making music, which was something theatrical. Working on the project to be equal parts music and theater. 


“Growing up, you know, the biggest influences I had, musically, were all the bands that went that extra visual mile to give people the entire presentation as opposed to it just being one thing here or just this other thing”.


Bearing that background in drama and theater, it seems rather natural to steer the project in that direction and having a story and background for each character as characters. It gives the audience a chance to engage with the band which we find highly endearing.


“It’s fun to create a story, having a themed band, as it were it helps to give you a sense of direction, so you don’t feel directionless or disjointed, but gives you that freedom to express yourself. From the onset I’m thinking I’m going to create a mythology behind what Dead Animal Assembly Plant is, the history of Sweet Meats Slaughterhouse and as band members have come and gone, people have written their own backstories. I didn’t want to give everyone their own backstory, I wanted them to really sink into their character and develop the it”.


NC: Have you ever thought about writing an album as a movie?


Zach: in a sense, all music writing is kind like painting or writing a script to a movie. In the new album, it’s not necessarily like Pink Floyd’s, The Wall type of narrative. There is kind of a loose narrative, like opening the gates to the afterlife and then each song, in a sense, is almost like getting deeper and deeper into the abyss. I toyed around with the idea of doing a concept album/stage show relating to Dante’s Inferno.


A track on their new album, Bring Out The Dead, is said to take you through the different layers of hell and feels it would be fun and is open to the idea of creating a drawn out cinematic soundtrack. DAAP has actually, recently, gotten to help out their friends Mothmeister, who are these surrealist photographers from Belgium. They helped to put together for them 9 instrumental songs with the inspiration of soundtrack, cinematic, soundscape work for an art book that they have coming out later this month. In a bit of a long round-about way, a concept album as a cinematic feature is definitely in the cards for the future. Also, being able to have a little more free time without the stress of having to release anything new right now and not being able to plan a tour sort of enables that freedom to pursue other endeavors.


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