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Dayglow Aka Sloan Struble is an American singer, song writer, producer, and genius from Aledo, Texas. He released his debut album “Fuzzybrain” from his Texas dorm room in 2018 and never looked back. Many might know of his nuclear song “Can I Call You Tonight” with over 60 million views on streaming platform YouTube that made artist Dayglow a household name. Dayglow has an amazing sound that can best be described as Synth heavy and retro and as an 80s kid it brings out a nostalgic feel but also has a very modern vibe. There is a show on Disney+ at the moment called “WandaVision” and in the first few episodes the story takes you through different decades in time and I have the same Nostalgic feel while listening to Dayglow’s new album “Harmony House”. This album is a masterpiece from start to finish, and honestly, I might be biased because of my love for Dayglow as an artist and for my love of the genre. If M83 and Tame Impala had a child, we would get the genius that is Dayglow. 


Harmony House is the highly anticipated new album from Dayglow to be released May 21st worldwide on Struble’s own Very Nice Records in partnership with AWAL. Since releasing his debut album Fuzzybrain, Dayglow has connected with fans around the world, creating a music community that uplifts and makes people feel good, for Harmony House that same feel-good mentality has been applied alongside a more reflective approach to songwriting. 


“It fascinates me to look at pop culture from a different time and to use the gear, instruments, and synths to modernize something that used to be popular. If you go to any wedding or event and you hear Whitney Houston “I want to dance with somebody” it’s a good song and will always be a good song. So, in the moment you don’t really realize something will exist for a long time because with the way things work, you’re on and off of the radio fast and the song disappears for a while. So, my goal as an artist is to find that longevity formula, what is it about these 80s songs that are so good. I am just fascinated by the longevity of music.” says Struble.


Not only does the album sound amazing, but Sloan has amazing insight on the culture we live in today and David Byrne inspired “Something” a track about the sometimes-overwhelming experience of contemporary life as it is lived both digitally and IRL.  Struble reflects “I was scrolling through Instagram one day, and I was thinking about how dumb social media gets sometimes, and how materialistic and advertisement driven our culture’s identity statement is becoming. The line “if what makes you someone is something, then why can’t I have mine?” sums that up pretty well. Stuff is never going to fulfill us, yet we are always wanting more and more and it’s just such an unfortunate waste of time. People always act like they are victims of time, but we have to make the most of the time we have. It’s so hard to see that considering how distracted everyone is by their own little curated echo chambers of media and content.”


Sloan’s vision is amazing, and he is so smart for someone his age, and trying to figure out the genius of him is another puzzle altogether. I asked him where his headspace was at while creating this album, and what was he trying to say to the world.  “My first album “Fuzzybrain” was generally just dealing with the beginning stages of growing up and just exiting high school. I guess knowing change is about to happen and the anxiety of not knowing how to deal with it, a lot happens between the ages of 18-24 and trying to figure out who you really are and so “Harmony House” mostly reflects on the  all of the sudden attention I am getting from this project. It’s not like paparazzi is outside my door, but it’s a weird sense of now I am an artist and people are listening to my voice and I really never thought that would ever happen. So, it’s dealing with the sudden attention and just growing up.” says Sloan.


“Harmony House” is truly a masterpiece of art that reminds us of what the 80s was musically, the music of this album truly paints a picture of sunny California through song. While listening to the album you can feel the sun on your face and see palm trees in your mind while the sun sets on another Southern California day, and it also describes California nights with busy traffic while trying to run to the next club. The bottom line is I love this album and is one of the best albums I have listened to in years. While Sloan Struble set out on a goal to always be memorable and live forever through music, I truly believe this album has the legs to run forever. We here at No Cover insist you drop whatever it is you are doing and go stream this amazing piece of art. It is available wherever you consume your favorite music content.