Prey For Sunday was brought together a few years ago by Neal Grusky, working with a producer and sharing with him some of the songs and recording in his studio. Shortly after, Grusky was acquainted with the band’s, now singer, Tony Perisco, which became a successful union and they had proceeded to write and record. As a new band just starting out and getting a feel of where the project will go, Covid and the following pandemic was on the rise, although it was envisioned as an opportunity to create an album and get into the momentum while no other bands were touring. They felt confident in taking the time with their efforts to release some material and get it out into the world until the days come to tour as a real band. 


The driving force in giving the band life was Grusky’s need to do something different and get together the people who had that same drive. In the past, Grusky had been in other projects, but wanted to steer clear of what he done previously and create something more modern as well as working with more youthful musicians who are more in tune with what he wanted to achieve and instill their influence in him to go in a better direction towards the vision of the new project. 


The single “Don’t Let It End”, for us is very authentic and easily relatable, but we also interpret music differently, it truly varies from person to person. That is a huge aim as far as making music and reaching an audience. Getting into perspective, the cinematographer and the director had gotten together to film the music video for the song, but with a contrasting view of what the root meaning of the song is. Even though that may be the reality, the bigger picture, however, speaks bigger volumes than, which is knowing people will take the song and see it in a more unique perspective for themselves personally.

“That’s what songs are about, it’s to take if for what it means to you. Every song has a different meaning, and everybody has their own interpretation and what I look for is for people to acclimate to it, that’s all I care about”.


Their song Broken-Hearted Man, which is a personal, hits-home song for their vocalist, Tony and having someone close to him struggle with addiction and that’s where the song’s path initially originates. By living with the burdens of addiction, it is one thing to want to be free from it, but also another to take those physical steps to get through on to the other side of things to heal. It is absolutely something that many of us can sit with and understand and to know there are more of us out there going through the same thing, but also have many people rooting for recovery. 


Prey For Sunday’s next steps is to set up shows once Covid restrictions let up for musical artists to tour as they seem incredibly eager to travel and play venues as much as we are eager to attend them. So please go and check out the music video for their single “Don’t Let It End” as well as keeping up to date with the band and what new things they have to offer in the very near future.