Stage Moms is a pop-punk band out of Moundsville West Virginia with a unique play on the genre. It carries that traditional pop-punk sound, parallel with an aggressive, much harder tone and have been inspired by musical acts such as Crucial Dudes, The Wonder Years, The Story So Far and Four Year Strong, to name a few. Their first EP called “Late Nights and Long Drives” has that burst of nostalgia, reigning from bands on the roster of Drive-Thru records back in the 2011 era. They had recently gotten together in New Jersey, with Ace Enders from The Early November and Nik Bruzzese from Man Overboard to record their second EP, “Almost Heaven, Feels Like Hell”. Stage Moms, the name, was chosen during a time when the band was nameless and due to the discovery of a band called “Hockey Dads”. For a laugh, that name was taken to the band’s group chat and through that, Stage Moms was thrown into the mix and stuck since.


The writing and concepts of their music begins with the first EP, which coincides chronology with their second EP and takes us through a journey of life struggles that we can all connect with, understand, and really feel the heaviness as each song progresses. EP 2 picks up where the last song on the first EP ends and takes us through times of partying and not really having a place to sleep and doing so wherever you can, a means for trying to survive within the circumstances. Going into the second song, Sophomore Slump, takes us through a path of not wanting to continue with music or even something in your life that you love deeply until a new opportunity arrives for you to take hold of that dream again. To find that love, that you once felt. The third song on the latest EP, “Two Birds Stoned At Once”, starts off pop-punk and gradually gets heavier as the song goes. With this track, we journey through, a sort of, grapple, with mental health and instability, like having to try and get a grasp oh handling depression and breaking down. It references an old song from an old project called “Always Annoyed” and one line in that song goes… “always annoyed, but that’s another song, I’m always wrong, I’m never right”. These songs have a way of embracing hard times, while trying to cope and getting through those unideal and debilitating moments. 


Taking us through the creation of the band, to this point today, was a matter of finding the right fit of people and reconnecting with old friends, in hopes that something potentially non-committal way may form. In time, however, things went into a more serious direction, but had been instances of members having to venture away from the project and luckily being able to replace and move on to record the first EP. Although, the experience touring and playing live music was a mere taste, due to the Covid pandemic, these guys took to focus on writing more, which gave them the time and focus to create the “Almost Heaven, Feels Like Hell” EP.


Check out the two songs put out by the band on their newest EP called “Sophomore Slump” and “231” as well as the first EP on music platforms, such as YouTube, Bandcamp and Spotify. Also, connect with Stage Moms via social media on Instagram and Facebook. We look forward to having our readers listen and relate to what this band has to offer.