Introducing Arena, Joey Arena is a musician with a special ear for music. Music has been calling Joey Arena since he was a child, and he knew what his plan A was the same as his plan B, music or bust. Having an already successful career in music with his band Ovtliers (Which is a rock/metal band). Joey Arena had decided to do a solo Synth driven project entitled Arena, and his first single from this project is a cover of Van Halen’s hit song “Dreams”. “Dreams” is an all-time great song from the great band Van Halen, and Arena did this song justice with his own little California 80s twist. The nostalgia runs deep through my veins and it pulsates my soul while listening to this remake. I immediately get transferred back to my childhood riding bikes till sunset and walking down Sunset Blvd. This song is a mixture of today’s music and yesterday’s synth, it is an amazing tribute to Joey Arena’s heroes. 


On “Dreams” Joey Arena shares, “If I could find the soundtrack to my childhood, no song would compete with “Dreams”. I recall hearing it for my first time on the radio in 93’ but never got the name and at the end of The Power Rangers Movie (1995). The song popped up and brought me full circle. “Dreams” both lyrically and musically has something special. As musicians, we all secretly dissect music, we hear things differently than the average listener; this is one song that cannot be tampered with. Sammy is unarguably one of the greatest vocalists and lyrically, this song hits the nail on the head of what it is to write something so “feel good”, as I’d call it and really finds the words that the music is trying to say. Being that guitar is my forte, it’s one of the first songs I learned in my youth. It’s been with me for so many years and it doesn’t lose its flavor no matter how many times I hear it. They say a “hit” can be reworked into any genre and still make the same impact. Although my approach is more synth-driven and not fantastically different, I can only hope that I did justice for the Van Halen, Hagar, and the Synthwave communities. When I received word from my team that Sammy had wrapped ears around the track, I was beyond grateful for his time but then we received both written and visual endorsements, I became speechless and choked up. I grew up being a huge Sammy fan and to have this legend take a moment and acknowledge me, I remembered what it felt like to be a fan and no longer a musician. I have experienced some great achievements as a musician, but this personally surpasses all of that. I cannot thank him and his team enough for making a dream come true. When I hear “Dreams”, it brings me to a younger, more free and imaginative self. What more could we really want from nostalgia?”


I hear music every single day, and the reason I write about music is to discover music. This song is honestly one of the best covers I have ever heard and what Arena has done in this song is nothing short of amazing and offers something you rarely see in music anymore leaving them wanting more. I want more of Arena and I am chomping at the bit for an album or more singles. The song “Dreams” from Arena has a huge M83 vibe to it, with synth and sax that fades us away into the sunset. If you have not heard this song, I’d highly suggest you go to wherever you consume your music and give it a spin and let us know what you think. Thank you, Joey Arena, and thank you Van Halen.